Our little girl

It’s 2330 now and I’ve just started unwinding for the night.

Clarissa fell asleep before 2200, but kept coughing until she threw up all over herself and her bed.

We quickly scrambled to clean up and I took her to the bathroom for a shower because she had puke all over her hair.

In a very tiny voice, sounding slightly confused, she asked me:

“Is it morning already?”

My heart broke a little.

She had barely slept for 30 minutes.

One of those little moments that remind me she’s still, just, a little girl.

Not the funny 3-turning-13 threenager, not the bossy 3-turning-30 little auntie.

Over dinner this evening, she told me rather sadly, “I miss Daddy.”

So I texted the hubs to tell him, and he immediately gave her a call.

“Daddy, I miss you,” She said to him in a very small voice.

Later when he got home, he asked her why, what happened.

“Because you are not at home yet,” she said. It was as simple as that.

She was mostly her usual self today.

Ate ok, played ok.

Funny as usual.

I told her Meimei was going to sleep and she looked a little disappointed.

“So I have to speak softly now?”

She whispered. 😂

In fact she didn’t cough much?

She only started coughing a lot when she was falling asleep.

Spoon-fed her half a cup of warm honey lemon which I made after she fell asleep. I’d kept it in a thermos flask for her to drink tomorrow morning.

She didn’t like it but drank up obediently.

Took her back to bed, told her two stories before she drifted off to sleep again.

Gonna let her skip school tomorrow and go to the PD.

She’s been having this cough on and off for a few weeks already. :(

4 thoughts on “Our little girl

  1. Hey there! This is shuz_alyssa from dayre! Finally managed to come over to WordPress 😬 hope Clarissa gets better soon! Just to share, my girl would have these night coughs too n it went away after the PD put her on a nasal spray coupled by anti histamines. Apparently it’s due to the backdrip from her nose. She is so sweet to her dad!


    1. Hello!! So nice to see you here!! :)
      Thank you! Yeah going to bring her to see her PD later. A bit concerned coz the cough has been going on for some time now!
      Lol yeah she is very manja!


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