I really can’t think of a title

I think I fully comprehend what this means, the days are long but the years are short.

Before I know it, another month has flown by since the last entry.

I finally logged on to wordpress and somehow, somehow this entry appeared on my dashboard as a top post. All the way back in 2008, on Feb 29, when I was in Japan, almost cashless but all excited about exploring Kyoto on my own, and a Korean colleague who looks like Takuya. :)

It’s difficult to believe we just had another leap year this year.
Hence four years have passed since that entry.
(“Takuya” eventually got posted to Singapore.. and then left the company. )

All thanks to the replacement holiday (for Vesak Day) mandated by the company, I’m enjoying a nice and quiet Monday morning at home.

It’s nice not to be traveling for work. I feel more sane, more grounded, and probably happier.
I get to keep up my exercise routine, though I seem to be gaining weight (no, not from having a baby).
But I refuse to step onto the weighing machine to verify it.

Visiting the spa for my regular facial has become a stressful affair.
I think it started back in Feb, during one of my visits, my regular therapist asked me, in Mandarin, “你好像胖了hor?”

I said I’m not sure, maybe I did, because it was just shortly after Chinese New Year and I was traveling for work quite a lot and didn’t have time to exercise.

But three weeks later, when I saw her again, she asked the same question again. The minute I laid down on the bed for my facial, she asked, “你有没有想要减肥?”.. and proceeded to tell me they have a new slimming/toning package that I might want to try. I was a little pissed off but I said nothing. And of course, I didn’t buy that package.

When I visited again, another three weeks later, she asked again – as if it were a NEW discovery – “你是不是胖了?”
I remembered feeling rather grumpy that day, and I replied grumpily, “有吗?!!!?”

The things people do to sell packages…

I still go to her. Because despite the concern she shows over my fat butt, she is pretty good at saving my skin – literally.
But it has become a constant battle. I’d try to talk before she starts, so she does not have the chance to slip in the ultimate question. Since Feb, I’ve only succeeded in distracting her once.

It got me worried, because except for that one time, she has been asking me the same question. Does it mean I am piling on weight every time she sees me?

I try to console myself that it is probably the language.
There’s no way to ask this in Mandarin without implying you are fat.

In English, we ask “Have you put on weight?”, and it sounds pretty neutral. A skinny person can put on weight and remain skinny.
But you can’t translate this to Mandarin, “你体重是不是增加了?” Which is odd and in any case, it still makes you sound like a fat animal.
Thus, the most straightforward way to ask is “你是不是胖了?”
Whether you like it or not, “胖了” ALWAYS means the SAME as “胖”.

So yes, that’s my rant for the month. Haha. How eventful.  :D

I’d initially wanted to write more about 《再见单人床》, the only Mediacorpse drama I’ve bothered to catch in the past few years.
I still think it’s a meaningful show to watch, though the ending is, not unexpectedly, bad.

Which is a pity, for all the tongue-in-cheek conversations about love and  marriage, for the realistic portrayal of married couples in their 20s, 30s, 50s.. And the ending is just, bleh.

If your husband beats you up for an affair that never took place, would the lesson you learn be “Oh it’s because he loves me more than I love him..”?!! And what are the chances of you meeting a random old couple giving you flowers in the middle of a garden.. to trigger this realization?

I really think the husband beat her up because he could stand her weird accent no more. Seriously. Enough. of. the. weird. accent.
Best actress or not. Maybe she’s good in the other dramas she’s in, a pity I have never watched them.
All the cast in this one deserves an award, except her.

Anyway. Go catch it online if you haven’t. :)
Even the theme song is good!