Post-holiday / Happiness

No post-holiday blues, simply because there is no time for blues.

As we disembarked the aeroplane last night, Allie very adorably turned back, waved and said happily, “Bye bye air plane! See you ‘morrow!”

She does that every time we alight a train or when we leave a place, it’s so endearing.

And she’s right; I saw the plane again today, just 8 hours after landing last night.

On a work trip to Sydney.

Is this what they call #dedication or #hardcore. 😂

Writing this on the plane right now as we are about to land and I need to stow the screen since I’m sitting in the first row.

I spent most of the 8-hour flight time clearing most of the 380 emails I received over last week, and now I have 29 emails sitting in the outbox waiting to be sent once I get connection, and 8 unread emails.

I feel like I’ve almost completely switched to work mode already.

Though I gulped when I realised during the flight that the time difference between Sydney and Singapore is 3 hours, not 2, this time. Probably some daylight saving thing which I can never quite brain.

That means sleeping at Singapore time but waking up 3 hours earlier at Sydney time. 😂

This is probably the first time in my 12 years of doing consumer research that we’d be doing 10 interviews in one day, for two days straight.

Must. Always. Outdo. Myself. 💪💪

I received a fb message from a friend in junior college when I touched down.

He reached out to ask me about the lyrics to a song I wrote back thnn.

We were in the same CCA’s main committee and have done drama productions together, but we haven’t really stayed in contact since JC beyond being friends on Facebook.

To be honest I didn’t know which song or lyrics he was referring to, but when he sent me the lyrics he scribbled down, it all came back to me.

The exact lyrics, the tune and the voice of my funny dear friend who sang it.

Not all the words are right but he captured most of them!

He said this song has been with him from JC until now and it’s uplifting to him. He wanted to reach out since a year ago but kept procrastinating. Now he’s thinking of sharing this with a friend who just lost someone dear, and he wants to provide the right credits.

This makes me happy.

The fond memories of writing scripts, lyrics, directing, rehearsing, climbing the school gates late at night because we rehearsed and rehearsed until we lost track of the time, accidentally molesting my friend (the one who sang the song) because in my eagerness to help her climb over the gate I placed both my hands on her buttocks, laughing about our craziness, waking up at 5am to do my tutorials because I was too tired to do them when I got home at night.. and most importantly, it’s the feeling of having friends who have the same passion and craziness as I do, who do things together with me, and who make me laugh. I

It’s the feeling of being so formidable and yet so vulnerable as youths, that make high school days so memorable.

Maybe it’s because my mind has become old, to remember details from so, so, so long ago.

But maybe it’s also because I’ve always kept this important memory of my youth and passion in some capsule in my mind.

It’s been stored away, but not forgotten.

And it makes me glad that something I wrote when I was 18 is still making some kind of a difference today.

For that I’m thankful.

It was meant to be the theme song for one of the plays I wrote.

Obviously both the words and expression were/are very amateurish and idealistic, but it is a proper song and I don’t think I can even pen a song now, at this age lol.



也许你的梦想世界 真的太美丽了一点


也许这个现实世界 真的太残酷了一点


于是你在现实中 渐渐的迷失了

但梦再美 人总该苏醒

人再累 也总该学着去面对

世上没有醒不了的恶梦 抚不平的伤

试着睁开眼去感受 睁开眼去寻找