The little things

My cute running singlet that says “Avocardio”.
I don’t need another running singlet but I got it anyway because it makes me happy.
Clarissa saw me in it and exclaimed,
“What a cute t-shirt Mummy!”
Wore my cute singlet for my first ever run in the new neighbourhood. It was a great morning.
Proper meal on a proper dining table,
6 weeks late but better than never.
Very happy with the food cover I bought, because the color matches.
Allow me to admire this set of tableware.
Our home, our flag, our Singapore.
One morning, this Supergirl said to me as she sat on the bed looking at the pool outside, “Mummy, I really love our new house and the automatic blinds.”
This Supergirl pyjamas gives her super powers.
She zooms around in it, cape and all, her laughter filling up the house.
She missed (or should I say skipped) school that day due to a runny nose, and was so, so happy.
Ate lunch on her own like the little big girl she is, and said to me, “Mummy, today’s lunch is so good.”
While unpacking and tidying up the house, I took these photos out and placed them in my mini album.  They make me smile, both little Clarissa and not-so little Clarissa.
The other night, when we tried to do yoga / meditation / breathing exercises before bed.
Before we could dine in twos.
And then there was no dine-in but it totally slipped our frazzled minds.
She’s so, so happy to win this little award.
There’s something about this quiet kind of love that makes me love this K-drama so much.
Cheers to friendship.
And cheers to growing up together.
The day my mum and sisters visited our new place and post-nap Allie sat on my mum like she was the couch.
My colleague sent me this book today.
I feel thankful despite the general lack of inspiration at work. At least someone out there knows I need a lift when I need a lift.
Same goes for colleagues who sent presents for the girls. When I started posting about the girls on IG, I didn’t expect a “fan club” – according to them.
e-Window-shopping for bags that look like buckets/buns and made a collage to ask le sis which one looks the nicest.
Thinking of getting this as a birthday gift for myself, but also thinking: 1) when can I go shopping? 2) do I need another bag? 3) would this make me happy?
This frivolous collage makes me happy though.

A little pensive these days, though I don’t always get to complete my thoughts.

Work hasn’t been terribly busy and I’m so used to working from home now I think I’d struggle when I’m eventually forced to go into the office.

My birthday is approaching and while I’d love to spend time with my family, I’m also hoping to get some me-time, sit in a cafe, shop and splurge on something I like. I took a Friday and a Monday off.. only to realise, it’s school holidays on both days.

Oh well. I’ll have to roll with it and see how that goes.