1st Meet the Parents Session

Today we had our first MPS with Clarissa’s form teachers and Chinese teacher over Zoom.

Overall, she has done well in the first semester.

“It’s a great pleasure to teach her.”

“One of the most outstanding students.”

“She’s very attentive and focused in class.”

“Very good 语感, potential to take Higher Chinese.”

“Has leadership potential.”

“Runs the fastest among the girls.”

The last comment is from her PE teacher, who is also one of her three form teachers. 😄

Now that they’ve done away with tests and examinations for Primary 1 and 2 students, assessment is done via observation and tasks.

Clarissa is proficient in all the assessment areas across English, Mathematics and Chinese.

What’s heartening to know is that she is focused and attentive in class, and is not shy about asking questions to clarify her doubts on the spot.

Her Chinese teacher said it’s a good thing, because it helps other students as well, who might have doubts but are too reserved to ask.

According to her, Clarissa has good “语感”, which means to good sense of language. She can intuitively tell if a sentence structure is wrong, even though she might not be able to pinpoint what exactly is wrong. She is able to grasp the sound and tone of hanyu pinyin.

Even though her school only offers Higher Chinese in P5 and P6, her Chinese teacher encouraged us to let Clarissa starting doing Higher Chinese assignments to stretch her.

They also see strong leadership qualities in her and want to help her continue growing in this area.

Her teacher also took time to explain to us how Clarissa won the Character Award, which they announced last week over the HBL session.

All her teachers voted for her, as a reflection of how she is respectful and gracious in the way she interacts with her teachers and classmates. It was a unanimous decision, and a well-deserved win.

“You should be very proud of her,” her teacher said to us.

Indeed we are very proud of her.

I think she has come a long way since the start of the first school term, adjusting to the new environment and learning to deal with classmates who might or might not be similar to her in the way they speak and act.

Her teachers hope to see her step up even more in helping and guiding her friends, calling them out (nicely) when they are not doing the right thing. They have observed that she is getting better at standing up for herself, which is a good thing.

For me, I’m just so happy and thankful that she takes her learning seriously and conscientiously, and that she continues to be the kind and helpful girl her preschool teachers tell us about.

I hope we continue to nurture her and that she will continue to be keen to learn, and be focused on what she sets out to do.

I’ve really not been able to keep up with the writing, but I think this warrants a post, a much needed milestone update.

Keep learning and growing!