The beginning of a new beginning

So we collected the keys to our new place today!

And basically got everything done in one day: Administrative stuff, power request, defects checking, fengshui master, measurements-taking by ID.

From left…
…to right.
And in the middle.

We’re really loving the view outside, though having some gripe about the space.. mainly the lack of. πŸ˜‚ The rooms are really small!

I hope we can fit ourselves and everything into a smaller place nicely and smartly.

I will always love our first home together.

It has served us well. The space. The walking distance to nearby malls and access to good food. The playgrounds. The park and running track.

But things are also getting worn out and messy. The girls are growing, and we need a new space with a new environment.

And this was me after lunch today, trying to look for a familiar but different hang-out spot near our new place.

Brought the girls over after school and dinner.

The pool is the most exciting feature of our new place to them, though even Clarissa noted the very small bedroom that’s probably half the size of her current room.

Then again a home is not just about the size of the rooms. It’s about what you fill it up with and whom you build it with.

Here’s to an exciting (and definitely tiring) next few months preparing for our big move!

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