First day

Obligatory first-day-of-school photo for the #mamarazzi.
One at the school gate.
One with mummy and the school principal; 📷: Daddy.
Spotted her in class preparing for recess. She told me later on that she didn’t know if she should bring her wallet or her lunchbox because even though I told her she should bring her wallet, her teacher said they should bring their lunchbox. 😅
Queuing up to enter the canteen for recess. At this point her shirt is already tucked out of her skirt. 😅
Looking a little overwhelmed after successfully buying her food. She had her wallet under her armpit while trying to hold the big plate of rice with a bowl of soup on it.. and she seemed to have forgotten where she was sitting. Eventually her teacher helped to carry her plate to the table for her. ❤
Enjoying her rice!
Parents are given a tour around the school, and this is the newly renovated library. I spent a large part of my primary school days here! As a student librarian. 😆
My tour guide, who was my form teacher in Primary 5 and 6. She’s supposed to retire this year, but the school asked her to stay. I used to be quite scared of her, but I’m so glad to see her again! We even looked at our class photo together and talked about my classmates.

I left the school around 1030am, after the orientation programme made up of the principal’s address, school tour, observing recess and another talk by the parent support group.

One of the parents in Clarissa’s class passed a piece of paper around to collect everyone’s phone numbers in order to set up a group chat.

Honestly I was quite reluctant to do that, but as Han Jipyeong puts it rightly, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

I joked to the hubs that I put his number down instead (he said he’s ok with it) and told my friend the same.. and my friend actually believed I did that. 😂

Just hoping that there is no major annoyance in the chat. 😅

The hubs picked Clarissa up from student care around 5pm. She changed and had her lunch there. Took a power nap, according to her.

We chatted about school.

She hasn’t made any friends yet. But found a girl with the same pencil case as hers.

She told me I packed too much for her snack and she almost couldn’t finish her strawberries and cookies.

“I was the fifth last!” She said.

I told her snack-eating is not a competition. 😂 She told me a girl cried because she was the last to finish her snacks. So I reminded her that it is ok if she doesn’t finish her snacks before snack time is up.

I also reminded her to put her wallet in her pocket after buying food, and not to leave it lying on the table.

Had dinner, packed her bag for Day 2, played with Allie, showered, video-called with her grandma and aunties before calling it a night. She was sound asleep by 9pm.

We are still warming up to this new routine, and hopefully this gets easier. 💪💪

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