Dear Allie

2019, on your birthday
2020, Chinese New Year
2020, on Jiejie’s birthday – you insisted on taking a photo too. 😆

You are at an age where we marvel at how much you’ve grown and how different you look at the beginning of the year and on your birthday.

Sometimes you say you are “a big girl already”, but sometimes you say you are “still a baby”.

Because it really depends on the situation, doesn’t it?

When you want to do something your Jiejie is doing, you are definitely a big girl and you dislike being told you can’t. When you do not want to do something you are supposed to do on your own, you are still a baby, and you have no qualms about being called a baby.

You amuse and amaze me with your level of wit and should I say, intelligence.

You put your best foot forward in your passion areas, but you don’t over-achieve in things you are not keen on.

I think adults need to learn from you, sometimes.

You are a bundle of joy, sass and mischief, and you make us so happy.

I love that you have a mind of your own, and yet have the ability to understand situations and empathise with people around you.

I was particularly touched by the stories your Chinese teacher told us, about how you’d be the only one in class who’d go up to a crying friend to offer a hug and a word of consolation. Or how you’re the only one who reached out to your Chinese teacher to ask her why she was crying, and correctly deduced it was because she missed your English teacher.

You are well-behaved in class when you need to be, but goes crazy when you can be.

You definitely know the boundaries, although it does not stop you from crossing them. Sometimes you test the limits and sometimes you succeed. You are still learning how to admit your mistakes and how to say sorry, and we will get there.

I have so many photos of you at the playground, going for the tallest and steepest slide or climbing the highest ladders.

You’re so fun-loving and energetic you lift people up with your joyfulness.

You always say Jiejie is your best friend and likewise you are Jiejie’s best friend.

One night, you were tossing and turning a lot in your sleep and eventually sat up, crying. You asked for Jiejie, but she was fast asleep. I consoled you and you told me you had a nightmare.

In your “nightmare”, Jiejie went to primary school and you wanted to follow her. I realise you’re probably bothered by how we’ve been preparing you for next year, when Jiejie enters primary school and you’d stay in your current school, going to school and taking the school bus home on your own.

You bask in Jiejie’s love and care for you.

Sometimes you bicker, and sometimes you complain to me about Jiejie, but it’s quickly forgotten.

Jiejie is the first person you turn to when you need comfort, especially after getting into trouble with the adults.

I hope you continue to love your Jiejie, just like how she loves you.


You turn three today, and already you have a strong personality, and many, many interesting sides to you.


You bring so much joy to me, to us, and to the people around you with your funny antics and your uncanny ability to charm your way out of trouble and to turn the most ridiculous situations into something funny and light-hearted.

What are you wishing so hard for? 😆

Happy birthday, my sassy and sweet darling.

Stay charming and cheerful, healthy and happy.

You’re always the apple of our eyes.

Love, Mummy. ❤

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