Dear Clarissa

You turn six today!

From five to six, what a year it has been.
You insisted on this “I’m six!” pose. ❤
And this too. ❤❤

It’s been a strange year with COVID-19 and circuit breakers, but I’m sure you’d remember more of the many, many more times Mummy or Daddy gets to pick you and Allie up from the school bus, the extra hugs and cuddles in the mornings and evenings, a lot of pretend-play with Allie, English lessons over zoom instead of having to go to the classroom.. and lots of Netflix.

You’ve grown so much over the past year, not just in height, but in many, many ways.

You take very good care of Allie, not only helping her with tasks but also watching out for her, telling her what’s right or wrong to do, and extending your hugs whenever she needs you.

Your teachers say you are the best big sister in school, and I cannot agree more.

You are a good learner, curious and diligent. The stories your teacher shared about how you’d use your free time in class to figure out what you haven’t managed to figure out, whether it is Chinese words or Maths concepts, make me so happy and proud of you.

While I love that you enjoy counting money (who doesn’t? 😆), what I’m most proud of, is how kind you are. You’re able to resolve conflicts not because you’re especially quick-thinking, but because you are able to empathise.

Two Elsas.

I fully appreciate what your teachers say about you when I saw you in action one morning.

You’d put on your Elsa hairclip and said, “Today I’m Elsa!”

Allie did the same and declared, “No, I am Elsa!”

I could tell she was determined to win the fight (to be Elsa) but who’s going to be Anna then?

You smiled at her sweetly and said, “It’s ok! There’s Elsa Season 1 and Elsa Season 2! You can be Elsa Season 2 because Elsa let down her hair in Season 2!”

And when I asked to take a photo of you two in your hair clips, you suggested that you could pose by pointing one finger and Allie could do the victory sign.

But Allie protested and insisted SHE is Elsa Number 1.

And you good-naturedly gave in and said, “Ok! You do one and I do two!”

I love that you love winning, but also understand that you don’t have to, and can’t, win all the time.

You’ve grasped the concept of Monopoly very quickly. But when I got worried you’d be sad about your dwindling supply of notes, you turned around to console me, “It’s ok Mummy. It’s a game. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.”

I love that the game somehow always ends with you laughing your way to the bank.

You love your school, teachers and friends so much you often tell me how much you’re going to miss them when you go to primary school next year.

For your birthday this year, both you and I thought hard about what to give your friends, and we decided on customised key chains – Unicorn for you and the girls, and Superhero for the boys.

You’ve had a great celebration in school! Your eyes sparkled as you told me about the card your best friend drew for you, the “surprise” one of the boys in class gave you by hiding the two cards he drew for you in his cubby hole (and how he told you the picture he drew was a boyfriend and a girlfriend), and how busy you were giving out the cupcakes and gifts to your teachers and friends.

One with your BFF!

You often lament about being the shortest in class, and looking at the photos your teacher took for you today of you and your friends, most of them almost towering over you, I get why you feel small.

You may be small in person, but you have a big heart!

I hope you’d know and remember that you’re always, always loved by many, many people.

I hope all your dreams come true.

Please stay happy and healthy.

Thank you for being so sweet and sensible, and thank you for being you.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

I love you.

❤ Mummy

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