Last Sunday, at my FIL’s to celebrate his birthday.

We had a good steamboat dinner!

For the first time ever, my MIL helped to put food into FIL’s bowl. He protested about having too much of it. But later on, he got up to get a second bowl of rice.

Steamboats were usually quite stressful in the past.

This is a nice change.

Then, my SILs and I took the kids for a playground/gym run.

“Can you take a picture of us?” Asked the boy who once said he was going to marry Clarissa. 😂

So I obliged.. but only the part about taking the picture huh! 😂😂

She had a lot of fun too!

No fear at all lol.

Hi, lovely.

Singapore’s next top model. 🙈🙈

This is her favorite bunny tshirt. She wants to wear it to school, to sleep, and to everywhere.

She loves hugging her Jiejie like this and making Jiejie run like a train.

Finally downloaded the photos and videos from her concert!

I find myself smiling, watching the replays.

Random, but I found Clarissa’s favorite biscuits in Cold Storage!

I bought it for her in Australia and she says it’s “divine” lol. Couldn’t find it on Redmart!

It’s $3.30 here after discount? Costs only $2 in Australia.

But I bought it anyway. 😂

The real reason behind my supermarket run was to buy grapes for Allie’s first homework lol.

We are supposed to make a picture with fruits.

As usual I googled and chose the easiest to replicate.

I think they had more fun eating the Preztels.

Love this photo of them having fun while I did all the work.

Can pass lah. 😂

She ate grapes for the first time!

She usually either refuses or only licks the skin.

Erm but girl, you should finish one before taking another one?

Joy is not only about biting into one grape after another ok? 😂

#ootd today.

The girls’ first time wearing polo tshirts! Lol.

Sim was shopping for the girls in Perth and there was a sale. So she asked if I’d like to get them too. She even helped pick the sizes for them!

The fit is perfect.

Allie was the first to shower and change into the shirt. When she walked out of the room, both the hubs and I said, Wow!

Lol handsome little girl. She looks so cute in a polo tee!

Which made Clarissa more willing to put it on.

Also wearing their oversized (for Allie) shoes their Daddy bought from HK.

It’s too big for Allie but she likes it so much she insisted on wearing it.

We drove to Orchard Road today for the first time in ages.

“Is that Bonia?” Clarissa asked as she pointed to a giant poster of the brand.

Indeed, it was.

“How did you know!” We asked. “You read the word?”

“Yes I read the word Bonia,” She said. “And they always say, ‘Bonia, the Italian Inspiration’.”


Talk about effective taglines.

Playing with/on the salon chair while Daddy and Jiejie got their hair cut.

The reason we ventured to the Orchard Road area.

Intrigued by the hamster in the house.

Jiejie is a proper big girl now who does not need me to sit beside her while she does her wash, cut and blow.

She even has her own preference for her own Jiejie to cut her hair lol.

Our hairstylist got rejected again today, not only by Clarissa but also by Allie, who shook her head decisively when he asked her, “Later Uncle cut your hair?”


Look who’s up next!

The hubs thought she’d not oblige for a haircut but I guess seeing her Jiejie do it helped a lot.

First haircut at a salon!

She wasn’t afraid but she kept squirming in the same direction as the scissors lol.

#paparazzi took this photo and laughed out loud.

But this was the only way to make her look up straight!

Hahahahaha that face.

Eating honeystars while talking.

One moment she was telling her sister, “I want more (honeystar)!”

The next moment she was fast asleep.

Both asleep!

We drove around looking for soya bean curd and egg tarts so by the time we got home, Allie had clocked an hour of sleep in the car.

Done with Gym (and Art, for Jiejie) class!

She threw such a huge tantrum when we left the house, because she didn’t want to change into this yellow tshirt. 😂

It’s been a pretty nice week. I worked from home for 2 days in a row because my calendar was pretty empty. 😊

I managed to do quite a lot!

I’ve been going for chiro for the past 3 weeks now, and actually kept all my appointments so far.

I can’t say all the aches have gone away but at least that sharp pain I sometimes get in my tailbone has been kept at bay.

I sleep by 10pm, sometimes even earlier, these days.

Though, most nights, I wake up at 2am or 3am (like now) and cannot go back to sleep until 2 hours later.

Allie’s also been having a few rough nights.

STTN remains quite elusive to us. 😂

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