Our cheeky monster.

Always playing until she’s all sweaty with her hair sticking onto her forehead.

She has not been pooping for three days and so she’s been farting a lot. 😂

Whenever we smell something funky, we’d ask, “Who farted?”

She would smile gleefully, raise her hand with her index finger pointing up and declare joyfully, “Allie!”

Lol honest child.

She was up at 230am this morning, shouting for Mummy.

But when I went to her, she ran away angrily into her room, and slammed the door.

Clarissa, who usually sleeps through most commotions like this, woke up too.

The two girls walked into our room, both whining and trying to decide where to sleep.

Fortunately the mini boss decided to sleep on Jiejie’s bed and the little boss was glad to sleep on the cot bed, and the hubs slept through all of the commotion. 😂

It was 330am by the time Allie fell back asleep, and Clarissa took even longer, sitting up every now and then to blow her nose or scratch her leg.

By the time she fell asleep I was too tired to go back to sleep.

I pulled down the blinds fully, hoping that the girls would be tricked into sleeping past 7am.

I eventually fell asleep around 5am.

At around 630am I heard her tossing and turning around.

At 645am she sat up, looked around the darkened room and said angrily, “I don’t want sleep!”


She promptly got out of bed, went for the door, opened it and went out looking for her Yaya.

I plan to show her this video when she’s a teenager, just to remind her how much she loves sticking to me, even when I’m in the toilet.

“Can Mummy go to the toilet?” I’d ask.

“No,” she’d say.

This morning I had to pee while she sat on my lap!?

And then she was fighting over some toy with Jiejie, pinching Jiejie in the process.

Jiejie cried and Allie immediately stopped to sayang her.

“Allie pinched me!” Jiejie wailed.

“Allie, you pinched Jiejie?” I tried to mediate.

Allie pointed to the spot she pinched Jiejie and added very helpfully, “I pinch here!”


“That’s not nice, Allie!” I tried to sound as stern as I could. “Go and stand in the corner now!”

“No?” She said.


But she said sorry to Jiejie and gave her a hug.. so all was good.

“Careful, Jiejie!”


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