It’s been a long and busy week of me reaching home past 730pm every night.

I haven’t taken any photos of the girls since Sunday lol.

Making up for it today.

Their school’s closed for some staff event so I took childcare leave to keep them company.

Took them to the nearby mall!

We took our time walking there, the girls stopping every now and then to look at the flowers, grass, birds, tree and train.

Bought some hair accessories, drove a submarine and went to Popular to buy paper.

All before 11am!

Scary moment at the escalator as we were going one level down to DTF.

I was holding the girls’ hands. I knew Allie wanted to stand on the escalator so I guided Clarissa to the escalator first.

The plan was to let Clarissa step onto the escalator first, and then I’d lift Allie up to let her step onto the escalator too.

But after Clarissa stepped onto the escalator she continued to hold my hand, and she held it even tighter than before.

I did not have the strength to lift Allie up with my left hand and we were standing in a somewhat awkward position too.

So I told Clarissa to quickly let go of my hand, otherwise both me and Allie would tumble forward. As it was, my upper body was already stretched out a few steps down the escalator.

I managed to loosen her grip and ensure she was standing properly, but she panicked, turned back and started climbing up a descending escalator.

My heart was in my mouth. I was so worried she’d lose her balance and fall backwards, and then Allie might lean too close to the escalator and fall.

Luckily I managed to grab and pull both of them away from the escalator.

Couldn’t help but scold Clarissa about how dangerous it was.

I guess she panicked because she thought we wouldn’t follow her down the escalator. But where would we go otherwise!?

She cried and cried, and Allie turned to console her.

Thankfully, it’s nothing a good lunch can’t fix.

We’ve got a new 小菜 fan besides Clarissa!

(I dipped it in water before giving it to her, since it’s mildly spicy.)

Then she saw Clarissa eating the prawn cake and told me she wanted it too.

This, coming from someone who is still mostly in her “rice only” phase, means a lot.

So we’ve got a new 虾饼 fan in the house too.

She finished one strip on her own, and I didn’t have to hide it under her rice.

She had plain rice with chicken soup and hidden chicken, and she ate well!

So did Clarissa, our 炒饭虾饼小菜 fan.

I tried to give some 炒饭 to Allie but she said no. 😂

I’m sure she’d be converted some day. I find it strange that she absolutely does not like to eat eggs now!? Eggs and steamed eggs used to be foolproof meals for her.

The train kept them entertained.

A little someone said, “Train leh? I saw it!”

A bigger someone asked me, “Do you know how a train eats?”

And then answered her own question, “CHU CHU! You get it? Chew chew and Chu chu?”


Promised them we would go to toy’r’us after lunch so here we are!

I’m proud to say we left without buying anything!

It was time to go home for their shower and nap.

After we crossed the road, Clarissa said she was too tired to walk. Allie wanted me to keep on carrying her because “I tired”. 😂

So I said, ok girls let’s race!

I placed Allie onto the ground, looked at my watch and said, ok ready? Get set? Go!

And then I pretended to run.

They ran ahead of me, and just like that, we raced about 5 times with breaks in between, until we reached the running track.

Break for water before walking home.

I came in last in all the races but I feel like I’m the real winner. 😆👍💪

Now both of them are napping nicely after a good shower and milk.

I win, again.


In other news, I actually managed to finish reading a(n) (e)book!

A very good read about a mother’s love and a misfit who made it against all odds.


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