A rare moment of gentleness. 😆

Someone’s officially not the youngest among the kiddos!

She is really gentle and careful with the baby. While she’s (probably) intrigued by how small and cute the baby is, she’d only touch the baby with her index finger.

Clarissa is equally gentle, but definitely more skilled. 😊

The hubs is still trying to recover from flu and cough so I took Sunday’s swimming lesson with Allie instead.

Wow oh wow she is such an energizer bunny in the pool!

She’s improving on her jump!

Clarissa too. I love the slow-mo of her legs kicking in water.

(Yep, the hubs took all the videos in slow-mo. 😂👍)

It’s otherwise been a rather hazy and slow weekend.

Caught a scratchy throat which I hope would go away soon!

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