Clearly no one was keen to take #ootd photos before heading over to Wai-po’s place. πŸ˜‚

When I said, “Girls, let’s take a photo!”

Allie frowned and said, “No.”

Clarissa was like, “My hair is crumpled.” (She meant tangled. Lol.)

So, yep.

I think the girls won some sort of a windfall of toys on Sunday evening. πŸ˜†

So blessed to have so many people doting on them.

Clarissa put all the toys into a paper bag and declared it her “goodie bag”.

Before we headed home, Allie insisted on carrying the bag.

Which was fine.. until we got home and she insisted on carrying the same paper bag into the shower with her.

We tried persuading her to put it at the door of the bathroom so she could still see it while taking her bath.


I considered what was a “win-win” situation for us: 1) No wet paper bag and 2) She gets changed into her pyjamas.

So I decided she could hold onto the paper bag while I wipe her down.

Even then she was whining and so the hubs decided to simply carry her into the bathroom (without the paperbag) despite her protests.. and gave her a quick shower.

It went ok, but when she came out of the shower she refused to put on any clothes, including her diaper.

It’s such a tiring story to write and to read, isn’t it? πŸ˜…

Long story short, I whipped out my phone, turned on nursery rhymes on Netflix and let her watch it while we put on clothes for her, gave her milk and calmed her down.

I know this is not the most ideal thing to do, because we’ve been doing this “watch video while you lie down and drink milk” thing at least once every other day.

But I’m running out of ideas when faced with a screaming toddler, however calm I am.

I shared this with the hubs the next day, and said perhaps this is Allie.

His reply was, why? Does she have a bigger cup?


Then he shared this with me the following day.


But I’m glad we both agreed that perhaps she was feeling insecure about falling asleep, and we should try to “fill her cup” instead of scolding her whenever she throws tantrums.

She immediately put us to test last night.

The trouble started when she pooped just before shower time. She cried and refused to change out of the soiled diaper.

I managed to persuade her eventually, and we found out why she was reluctant to change. The stool was hard and there was some bleeding.

She got better, started playing around with her sister and happily put on her favorite bunny bag.

So when it was time to shower, it was the same old story of her refusing to hang the bag by the door and wanting to carry the bag with her.

I briefly considered my boundaries, was I ok to let her bring the bag with her? We’d at worst deal with a wet bag?

But then she’d be carrying the wet bag everywhere, including her bed.. so it was a no deal. πŸ˜‚

Eventually I carried her to the bathroom, tried to bribe her with bubbles, but ended up quickly washing her up while she cried in protest.

She tried to reach for her dirty tshirt after showering so we had to quickly put it away.

I guess her reluctance to shower was due to her reluctance to change out of the Mickey mouse tshirt she was wearing?

She didn’t want to get dressed again so I got her to choose what she wanted to wear.. and she picked a singlet wtf.

But since I let her pick, I had to go with her choice. At least she would be wearing something.

Then came bed time. And she absolutely refused to sleep.

I did the nursery rhymes thing again.. only this time it didn’t work. Whenever she sensed she was dozing off, she’d roll onto her tummy and sit up.

She wasn’t able to sleep with Clarissa either, so we had to get Clarissa to sleep in our room with me while the hubs stayed with her to make her sleep.

I joined them after Clarissa was asleep, and we watched her, in a dark room, roll around, sit up, walk around the room, knock on the door, and basically refuse to sleep despite being very tired.

It got to a point when she wanted to go back to her own room and yet still did not want to sleep. She started crying again and was inconsolable.

Eventually the hubs carried her and took her out for a walk.

They returned with her resting her head on his shoulder, still awake but much calmer.. and she eventually fell asleep, more than two hours past her usual bedtime.

The good news is that she actually slept pretty well, only whining and stirring a little once in the middle of the night, and rolling off from the cot bed to the mattress I was on.

I told the hubs this morning that he must have made her feel really safe. 😊

Our cuties this morning.

Allie refused to put on her uniform but was ok to change out of her pyjamas.. so whatever goes, as long as she is wearing something.

I guess we are officially into the terrible twos, a few months ahead of schedule, and the two-year-old sleep regression.

Then again I think the only time she really slept well was when she was a newborn? πŸ˜‚

It is very stressful watching her cry and cry and not be able to do much about it. I could feel my gastric juices churning wtf.

I hope it’s a phase that would pass as we continue to get to know her better. It must be equally frustrating for her to be afraid of or bothered by something and yet not be able to express herself properly.

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s ok to take a longer time to get her to sleep / to get things done.

In the ideal world we could take all the time in the world if we didn’t have to work the next morning.

But boy, those two hours of trying to make her sleep, after a long day at work, was so, so draining.

I guess we have to keep trying despite how trying it is. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

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