The situation this morning.

Clarissa described all the things her car could transform into.

“It’s a car and not just a car. It can go onto water and it can also turn into a submarine! It can become bigger too. It can transform into a helicopter and fly into the sky! Zoom!”

The best part of the deal?

“It can also help to sweep the house!”


Then she paused and said, “But there is one thing my car cannot transform into.”

“What is it?”

“It cannot turn into a bolster,” she sighed.


This is why I prefer buying toys like this and not toys like the mermaid yesterday.

When she told me she loooooves it sooooo much, I countered saying it would only end up in the “animal friends” tray.

She said, “No what, I can pretend to play cooking and swimming with her.”


But here she’s not only learning to build something on her own, but also imagining its transformation into multiple forms.

Yesterday when we were in HDL she asked for her usual popcorn while waiting for me to order her lunch.

As she munched happily on the popcorn, I remarked, “Wah good life huh.”

She nodded, “Yah life is good what.”


Then she considered, “But Auntie M and Auntie P’s life not so good. Because they are stuck in traffic jam.”

Lol my friends were running a little late due to the traffic, and Clarissa was anxious to meet them.

Budding artist who woke up at 545am this morning screaming for Mummy, but said “不要” when I got up to carry her.

I made milk for her and thankfully she went back to sleep after drinking milk.

And now we have two budding artists.

Happy Sunday (hopefully)!

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