Made it


I’m not sure how I made it through this crazy week, but I did. πŸ’ͺ

Took the girls to the playground after returning home from visiting two temples.

The hubs had to work so it was just us for the entire day.

Right after I snapped this photo, I had to fling my phone away quickly because this little girl declared, “CATCH!” and simply jumped towards me. πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜…

All sweaty!

She casually took out the board and started fitting the shapes!

Did everything right!

I used to try to do this with her but she was either uninterested or putting the blocks into her mouth.

Post nap. They woke up after only an hour, and I ran out of things to entertain them with.

Took them downstairs to buy bread, and Allie insisted on bringing her water bottle along.

She probably thought we were going on an outing.





Yep we had squashed bread for breakfast the next day.

Try as I might, I could not get her to hand the loaf of bread back to me. Nor was I able to get her to put it into the plastic bag.

These days her top 2 most used words are:

  • No
  • 不要 (don’t want)


And they are usually used in conjunction.

“Allie, get changed.”

“No. No no no. No.”

“Come on, get changed now.”

“No. 不要!”

You know, just in case we don’t understand English, she repeats it in Mandarin.

Sweet moment.

Clarissa said to Allie, “Let’s read a book together!”

They picked a book and Clarissa said, “come Allie, sit on my lap!”

So Allie reversed herself onto Clarissa’s lap and Clarissa remarked, “Wah you quite heavy huh” before beginning to read the book with her sister.


These two are like sweet chilli, different but matches when the occasion calls for it. πŸ˜†

And then there were no new photos in my phone until Friday.

I don’t quite recall the nights when Allie refused to sleep or the night when she was up at 4am and only went back to sleep at 6am.

I heard her crying but did not get up because she stopped crying. But I heard her crying again an hour later, and got up to check.

It turned out that she didn’t go back to sleep but was with her Daddy who entertained her for an hour.

I took over and she eventually dozed off grudgingly at 6am.

Clarissa came into the room at 7am and I had to force myself to get up, get ready and get out of the house.

(Little Miss Allie woke up around 745am, and we made it in time for school.)

I don’t quite recall what happened at work this week, except for being very busy and getting held up in a discussion until 730pm on Thursday, nearly missing my appointment with my GP.

Appetite is still bad, though the gastric discomfort has eased with the meds.

I wonder if it’s all in my mind.

Work-from-home Friday, finally.

Got the helper to wash the carrier so I could either give it or store it away.

We used our “kangaroo” a lot for Clarissa but not much for Allie. For some reason she didn’t like being in it and we also found it easier to simply carry her.

Looking for a new owner!

Back home!

It was quite a tough Friday evening with Allie.

Too many unreasonable tantrums including wanting to drag her bag on the ground, insisting to wear her dirty clothes after showering, and what’s new, refusing to sleep.

She really has her quirks that are as endearing as they are frustrating. πŸ˜‚

I can’t remember the number of times I woke up last night to attend to her or to stop Clarissa from rolling off the bed.

Trial art class while Allie was at gym this morning.

She started off shy and unimpressed.

I was supposed to leave her in class, but she refused to let me.

So I sat in to watch.

I think she grew to enjoy it.

She was so delighted at the end of the class when her teacher told her there is a cookie for everyone after class.

Post lunch shopping.

She loves the mermaid so much but I refused to buy it. So she asked for a photo instead. πŸ˜‚

I took her along to meet my friends from work for lunch!

I’d originally planned to bring her along while the hubs took Allie to gym, but we remembered the trial class and she said she wanted to go for the trial class at the gym.

So the revised plan was for me to follow all three of them to the gym, and then leave for my lunch appointment while they are in class.

But she realised it was not a parent accompanied class and almost wanted to back out? πŸ˜‚

Long story short, she got what she wanted: trial class and follow mummy to meet her friends.

It was a really really nice catch-up. These two friends are really my pillar of support in the company, and I feel so thankful to have them.

And someone bagged home a mini Lego set.

She tried to persuade me to get a mini Duplo set for Allie but I said it’s ok. πŸ˜…

She built this all on her own!

Playground run again!

Can everyday be a weekend?