Continuing the streak of ridiculariousness.

Wednesday, national day celebration in school.

Top and bottom from Cottonon kids, in sizes 5 and 2 respectively.

I was hoping to take a better photo of their twinning outfits in school, but unexpectedly, the teacher on duty found a blister on Clarissa’s palm and an ulcer in her mouth.

She asked us to get her checked by a doctor before going back to school.

So Allie went into class on her own while we took Clarissa to the doctor.

I’d seen the blister on her palm the night before, because she’d complained about it being itchy. It was one of those “水泥”,a tiny bubble of water, so I told her not to touch or scratch it. It usually goes away on its own.

We thought the doctor would give her the OK to return to school, but instead she told us it is “early HFMD”, and it’s best to keep her away from school for the next 5 days.

“Sometimes it goes away with just one ulcer, sometimes it becomes full blown,” she said.

Right. I really thought it was an ulcer from heatiness. 😂

Anyway we had to go back to school to collect her bags and pick Allie up. Since the doctor’s diagnosis was “HFMD”, her sibling has to be kept out of school too.

I don’t agree with the diagnosis, but I understand it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep the girls at home for the next few days.

I’d have preferred other parents to do the same too, if they were in the same situation.

Nevermind we do our #ootd lor. 😅😂

I could tell that Clarissa was disappointed at missing out on the celebrations. She has been looking forward to the song and dance, and the cooking class I’d signed her up for.

Allie was in the midst of dancing when we got there and looked confused when the teacher carried her to the entrance.

I decided to work from home so I could monitor her condition.

Clarissa tried to cheer herself up by lamenting about how lucky she is to be able to stay at home and play with her toys.

“Mummy, don’t you feel lucky that you can work at home?” She quipped.

Erm, *weak smile.


It turned out to be a really rough day at work.

I was in back in back calls that lasted nearly two hours each.

I had a bad night the night before (tummy problem again) and was hoping I could sleep better last night, but Allie had other ideas.

She didn’t want to sleep.

She was still bouncing on the bed when I went to brush my teeth.. and the next thing I knew, she’d puked from crying too much.

I’ve lost count of the number of times she threw up from crying (and phlegm) the past few weeks.

The hubs told her off sternly to stop bouncing on the bed, and so she started crying and crying. Good thing he saw it coming and had already lifted her off the bed before she did the Merlion (Happy birthday Singapore!).

I cleaned her up and prepped her for bed again.. but when we turned off the lights, she sat up and started walking around the room and knocking on the door from inside.

So I let her go to the hubs while I sat in the room to watch Clarissa sleep.

Allie was watching Netflix like a boss in our room when I came out of Clarissa’s room.

Eventually she dozed off while watching her favorite animation. 😂

She slept quite badly, either crying loudly or speaking gibberish while tossing and turning.

So, two bad nights in a row for me.

Another lucky, work-from-home day today.

This girl kept comimg into the study room to look for me / hugs.

Good thing I had only a 3-hour call from 1pm, while the girls took their naps.

Lego time post nap.

I was done with the call by then, but there is just too much work.

Pretending to poop in the potty while her sister pooped for real. 😂

I was in the midst of sending this photo to the hubs when Clarissa said she was done pooping. It took me a minute to get to her.

“Mummy, you took so long. How come when I told you I’m done, you are still using your phone?” She asked, like a boss.

“How do you know I was using my phone?” I asked her.

It turned out that she could see my reflection in the mirror. 😂

I was hungry by dinner time, but I wasn’t able to eat because I had no appetite.

This is seriously so annoying I decided to bite the bullet, cover my dinner and go to see a doctor.

It’s been going on for quite some time now it’s adding on to my stress levels.

I’d thought it might be IBS, but the doctor said it’s dyspepsia.

Let’s hope the meds work.