Aquarium Day

We’ve been planning to take the girls to the SEA Aquarium and picked today to be the day, since there are no swimming lessons for them.

Decided to ask my mum, and my FIL and SIL along.

It is so nice seeing the girls run about and look in awe at the Dorys and Nemos, sharks and stingrays.

Allie would be touching the tank in delight.. but once a huge fish appeared, she’d immediately stand up and ask to be carried. 😂

According to the hubs, our parents were chatting and their conversations went like this:

“This one is better steamed.”

“Yeah that one is good when you deep dry it.”


My favourites in the aquarium!

Allie and her mischief in general. 😆😆

My mum had a good lunch and dessert. 😄😄

My SIL brought the two girls to the candy store after lunch.

And here’s Allie, pushing away someone else’s trolley. 🙊🙈


I suggested taking a group photo beside a merlion statue but my FIL said it’s too hot. So we made do with ice-cream. 😆😆

He obliged for a photo with the iconic globe though!

I think it was because he saw how happy the girls were, running about and laughing in delight.

And the hubs picked the right person to ask to help us with the photo.

She paused in between to allow most of the letters of the word come into the frame, and snapped two photos with everyone looking at the camera.

So nice and so professional.👍👍

Bubble tea run.

Allie was bathing in sweat. 😂

As expected Allie dozed off on our way home and woke up when we got home.

We were expecting her to not sleep so we took it easy, and took our time to let the girls cool down before showering them.

Allie pooped so I cleaned her up and gave her a shower first.

When she was done, the hubs made milk for her and brought her to her room to drink the milk while I showered Clarissa.

He came back and reported that Allie was sleeping so I went to shower before joining her in the room.

Erm she was awake and talking to herself. 😅😂

I thought it was impossible to make her sleep so I simply sat on the mattress to sing and talk to her.

Then I pretended that XX man is coming (she’s somewhat afraid of XX man) and she immediately hid into my chest.

Every time she attempted to sit up, I’d say, “He’s coming!” And she’d lie down on my chest again.

It was fun. 😆

Soon it became “Thunder is coming!”

Soon she fell asleep on my chest.

I’d have stayed still just so she could nap, but I was performing some sort of body contortion and more importantly she was getting sweaty due to our body heat.

So I tried my best to wriggle away, only to realise that she’s lying down on my tshirt.

What I did, and how I eventually did it, I’d leave it up to your interpretation.

She slept for more than an hour!

Mummy 1, Allie 0.

Went to my mum’s place for dinner!

Only three of us ate and a certain little someone ate all but five or six spoonfuls of food.

Daddy got to chill a little before we headed home.

It might be because I have more female friends and female influencers in my feed, but I noticed that there are way more posts on Father’s Day thanking Dads for their love and support, than it is on Mother’s Day.

I guess men probably find it hard and unnecessary to express love, that’s why women overdo it sometimes. 😆

Happy Father’s Day!