Birthday Sunday

Up to no good, in similar but different ways.

They are always happy to go to Waipo’s place, even if it is just to run up and down the corridor to the rooms.

In this month’s edition of “Whose birthday is it anyway?”. 😆

I ordered a butter cream rainbow cake from Garden Pastry and Cake.

We have a budding cake monster #2.

And Clarissa has a really, really sweet tooth. I allowed her to have 2 macarons before I had one myself. Boy, I could feel my teeth loosen. 😅😂

I did not let her eat the other 4 she had happily put on her plate. She sulked a bit but obeyed my instructions.

Times like this I’m so thankful she’s a law-abiding citizen while her sister has little regard for rules.

Out of control, this one.

She fell down thrice that day. 😪

Thankfully it wasn’t serious.

Two weeks ago she fell off the tricycle and hit her face on the coffee table. Her nose bled nonstop and she cried nonstop. The next morning her face had two bruises, one on her laugh line and one across her cheek.

She’s been saying so many new words I can’t keep up!

What a fun age!

Digressing from the birthday post, I managed to take this video of her after her swim.

Was originally trying to feature her combing her hair after getting dressed but she started wondering where Daddy went (he went to take a shower) and said “uh-oh” before running off to look for him.


Hehehe something fun(ny) from their Yiyis.

Our self-timed wefie lol.

It’s been a tiring Sunday.

I’m so glad the course is coming to an end in another 2 weeks’ time.

I don’t think I’ve maximized my learning but I can’t find the capacity to do more.

This juggling act is tough and I can only pray for patience and dig for more strength.