It all started on Thursday morning.

The hubs went on a guys-only trip to HK to his mates.

I brought Clarissa out for breakfast before dropping her off at school and sending myself to work.

Ran some errands after work and came home to:

My funny girls.


Good Friday morning’s “photo for Daddy”.

I bet he didn’t notice that Allie was wearing Clarissa’s shorts. πŸ˜…

Clarissa changed herself out of her PJs and did the same for Allie – with her own shorts.

At Suntec City to catch Dumbo!

We were a little early for the 1015am show so to the playground we went.

My movie date!

Obligatory pose for Daddy!

I sent this photo to my siblings group chat, captioning it “Watch out for Supergirl!”

Though the curly hair on her forehead is a coincidence. πŸ˜†

Her first time watching a movie in a theatre!

I debated with myself before deciding to get the Gold Class tickets. It seemed too indulgent, but the timing (1015am) was the best and honestly I didn’t know how she’d fare for a 2-hour movie (2.5hours, if you include commercials).

It turned out to be a pretty good decision.

Firstly I have been pretty exhausted and needed the comfort.

Secondly she got restless in the last 30 minutes of the movie and started walking around our seats. Thankfully there were only two seats in a block so it wasn’t disruptive to others.

Thirdly, they served fries and popcorn so she was very, very happy. I had to make her drink water and also make her take a break from snacking.

Before the movie started we looked at the menu and she realised there was milkshake and asked if she could order the oreo one.

I said ok, thinking I’d order it later on but before I knew it, she’d walked up to one of the serving staff and said, “Hello, can I have an Oreo milkshake please?”

Much to the amusement of said serving staff, who came to me to confirm the order.

Yep, my biscuit monster.

Laughing at her own milk moustache.

Pretty much her for half the length of the movie before I stopped her. πŸ˜…

She went on to attack the fries.

And the milkshake.

“Can I bring home the fries, Mummy?”

Nope, I said.

“How about the popcorn?”

Hmm, ok.

“How about the milkshake?”

Hahaha sorry, nope.

(They provide a set of bottled water, fries and popcorn for every ticket. I left my fries and popcorn untouched because I was having the onset of a sore throat. Boo.)

I enjoyed the movie a lot! I was quite wowed by the CG. I think I gasped louder than Clarissa when Dumbo started flying for the first time. πŸ˜‚

I also enjoyed watching Clarissa eat and drink so happily, while asking me questions about Dumbo and her mummy.

Though at one point, after I asked her to take a break from eating, she asked me, “Mummy, why are we still here?”


More playground time after the movie and before lunch.

While Daddy shopped for shoes in HK.

On our way home, I asked Clarissa, “What was the best part about Dumbo?”

Without missing a beat, she answered:

“The milkshake.”


(I quizzed her about the movie again at bedtime and she was able to recount most of the story so.. ok lah give chance. πŸ˜‚)

Waffle and TW show = Ah gong is here!

For a short visit before my friends came over with their girls.

When you are engrossed in Paw Patrol but your mummies ask you to smile for a photo with the bear. πŸ˜†

Love having the girls over!

Saturday morning!

Playground at 8am!


Walked to another playground.

Allie saw a man wearing the same army singlet as the hubs and immediately said, “Daddy!” And wanted to run after him. πŸ˜…

The weather was horribly humid and they were both sweating buckets.

Check out their hair stuck onto their foreheads.

An hour of pure, simple joy.

Hahahaha I love my crazy little bunny.

I wanted to take a short nap but this girl woke up early because of the thunder.

And of course she woke her sister too, so we had a mini picnic while watching Frozen for the 25th time.

I had a mild headache and was running out of ideas.

Playtime with the girls after dinner, which wasn’t in the plans initially.

The plan was to have dinner with Clarissa at the airport before we give the hubs a surprise pickup.

I’d asked my friend, who was planning to come over to our place in the evening, to come over in the early afternoon instead. But I did not tell the hubs about the change in plans.

He often talks about how no one ever picks him up from the airport unless he has the girls with him so I thought this would be a nice surprise.

But his flight was delayed by a good two hours and scheduled to land at 930pm instead.

930pm is Clarissa’s usual bedtime.

So we had dinner at home while I contemplated the logistics.

Told Clarissa about the change in schedule but she said she wanted to wait up for her Daddy.

So off we went, to the airport at 9pm, with milk in hand. πŸ˜†

She was visibly sleepy in the Grab on the way to the airport.

“Are you very tired, Clarissa?” I asked her.

She perked up immediately and said, “I’m just a bit tired but I’m very happy I can pick Daddy up!”


Restless maximum while waiting.

Surprise Mission successful!


Trying out their new shoes the next morning.

For the past few days Allie has been bursting into the room looking for “Daddy” and looking confused when she doesn’t see him in bed.

But on Sunday she was surprised to see him walking out of the room lol.

Really nice shoes!

Shall write about Sunday in another entry.

So, so, so exhausted.

And it’s only Monday.

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