Little stories

This evening, Clarissa asked me for permission to play with the drum.

I told her Allie would definitely want to play with it too and so she has to be ok with sharing or taking turns if she wants to take the drum out.

She went ahead and true enough, Allie wanted to play too.

Clarissa gave her one of the sticks to hit the drum with, and soon Allie was over powering the drum and Clarissa tried to take back the stick. 😂

Allie protested.

They played together for a while and got into another petty quarrel.

Eventually Clarissa left the drum on the floor and went into her room, upset.

Meanwhile Allie continued drumming until she realised her Jiejie wasn’t sitting beside her.

She looked at me and said, “Uh-oh.” Her mouth forming a small “o”. She got up immediately up and went into the room to look for Jiejie, “Deh deh!”

She managed to get her sister to come out of the room and they became best friends again.


She allowed Jiejie put this on her head and happily ran to check herself in the mirror. 😆🐱

Last night she was upset when Jiejie sat on my lap. I got them to “share”, one on each lap, but she kept trying to push her Jiejie away.

I told her it wasn’t right to do that.

She said, “Uhmp!” Before storming off to look for her Yaya.

When Jiejie got up to go to the toilet, I turned to her and offered to let her sit down on my lap again.

She said, “Uhmp!” and continued sitting on my helper’s lap instead.


I come home every evening feeling very popular, because both of them want to be carried, and they want to be carried first.

I usually end up having one girl hugging my upper body and one girl hugging my legs.

And it’s a very happy feeling.