So this happened at Gym class on Saturday:

Her first award at 17 months young.

This isn’t about her being “better” than her peers in class, but all about her being the fun-loving, courageous and cheerful little bubs in gym class.

She’s demonstrated pretty good gross motor skills and has no problem walking across a balance beam or swinging on a balance bar.

It’s not a big award but I’m happy because she deserves credit where credit is due. As the (much, much) cheekier of the two girls, we often say she’s the “naughty one” or the “crazy one”, in an endearing way of course, but we sometimes forget she’s also the bubbly one, and the nimble one.

And she’s also the one who’s stolen her Ah gong’s heart, in her own cheeky but endearing way.

She’s recently picked up more words, and I can’t describe how sweet she sounds when she says “Daddy” and rushes forward to hug his legs.

Or how she says “Jiejie, baobao” and dashes forward to give her sister the biggest hug ever.

And how kitten is “mao mao”, a dog is “ow ow”. 😆

She might not have Jiejie’s patience to sit down to point out all the various 52 flashcards correctly, but whatever she does, she does it in her own cute way and that’s more than enough for me.

She might be feisty but she also lets Jiejie do funny things to her.

She loves playing with the ball and would snatch it away from Jiejie, hugging the ball close and tight while exclaiming, “Mine! Mine!”

On some days she’d get interested in something Jiejie is playing with and try to hold a corner of it, saying, “Share! Share!”


She cracks me up all the time.

And is always up to some mischief.

Always curious.

And loves having fun with Jiejie.

I love how they are so wonderfully different yet so wonderfully sweet in their own ways.

I feel like I’ve won some kind of reward too, in a very, very good way.

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