I’d like to start by saying yay to myself for keeping to my twice-a-week jogging routine this week.

This is a commitment not only to myself but to the hubs and the girls. 💪💪

The treadmills were rather crowded when I went to the gym on Tuesday so instead of the usual 3rd treadmill from the right, I went further down the line and got onto a newer model that was able to connect to YouTube.

Which was good, because I was getting bored of my own playlist.

What was even better, was that I found this:

Someone compiled a 2.5-hour video of all of JJ Lin’s performances on 梦想的声音.

What a treat!

Although at some points I was sweating but the hair on my forearms were standing, and at some points I almost wondered “不知道流的是汗还是泪啊!” (hahahaha dramamama)

I did the same again when I hit the treadmill this evening.

Hearing his voice and digesting the lyrics was a good distraction from the physical pain (from running).

How do people write such profound and poignant words?

第一次握你的手 指尖传来你的温柔

最美的不是下雨天 是曾与你躲过雨的屋檐

当你说要走 我不想挥手的时候

城市的屋顶 都是天线 却收不到从前

被爱是奢侈的幸福 可惜你从来不在乎

如果过去还值得眷恋 别太快冰释前嫌

所以明白 所以离开 所以不再为爱而爱

太爱了 所以我 没有哭 没有说

Can you guess which songs these lyrics came from?