Checking in

In-home visit in a lovely neighbourhood near Balmoral Beach this morning.

It wasn’t an intentional request on the recruitment criteria, but we happened to meet a new mum with a baby who’s just turned a month old.

There were washed and unwashed bottles at the sink, breast pump on the floor, and a lovely little baby sleeping on the rocker.

He slept through the interview!

Our respondent looked really tired and I noticed she’d worn the back of her top in the front instead.

She spoke about how she knows nothing is the same anymore but she wants to do things like having a big shower or an interview like the one we were having with her, to feel like she still belongs to herself.

I really wanted to give her a hug and let her know, that it would all get better.

I cannot fathom the pumping days, the days where I wore my tshirt inside out and only realizing it in the middle of the day, and the days I couldn’t recall if I’d already brushed my teeth.

It was.. so hard.

It was cute, though, watching my colleagues who do not have kids gasp whenever the baby stirred, and when the rocker stopped rocking.

“Oh dear, the rocker is not moving anymore,” my colleague whispered to me in the middle of the interview.

“It’s not supposed to keep rocking,” I whispered back, and laughed a little.

We had our debrief by the beach over some good old fish and chips, and a cold drip for me.

Much needed, for my SGT bed times and SYT wake times. A three hour time difference is the worst.

I saw a little girl, who looks like she’s around two years old, cry and cry until her snot nearly dripped onto the fish and chips in front of her. 😂

So adorable.

Missing these 3 and can’t wait to be home.