Not a good start to the year.

I might have caught it from Clarissa.

It happened quite suddenly. One minute I was zooming in and out of meetings and the next minute I found my voice going hoarse.

No amount of honey lemon or 蛇草水 or Vitamin C could salvage the situation.

I fell asleep before 10pm and woke up at 2am with a full blown sore throat.

Jumping onto the #10yearschallenge and #ageinghashitmehard band wagon.

The biggest challenge isn’t finding photos of myself 10 years ago, but finding decent photos of myself now. 😂

2008, first photo post on Facebook.

(Covering my friends’ faces in case they are not into the challenge. 😅)

2019, Day 1.

2010, on our honeymoon.

2018, on our family vacation with our plus 2.

I think I was darker 10 years ago? For some reason I’d lightened up lol.

And my face looks rounder now and lines look deeper.

Still, I think I look better than I did, 20 years ago.


And this came up in my Facebook reminder today:

One year ago.

One year later:

Hahaha one of the rare photos where she is not exactly smiling.

This is her bao face, i.e. her face after eating bao. It’s one of the only two things besides plain rice which she’d voluntarily ask to be fed when she sees us eating.

She’s mostly very smiley and cheeky.

Last night the girls were playing with stickers in the room and we were reminded of the time Clarissa asked me to take off her pants so she could squat in front of the toilet bowl.. sticker.

I used to think Clarissa is cheeky but Allie brought the definition of cheekiness to a whole new level.

Biscuit face, when she saw me taking photos of Meimei’s bao face.

One thing that hasn’t changed is her love for biscuits.

And it’s evident even in her school journal.

Every other week her teachers would issue a topic and get the kids to draw.

For example, “What is your favorite activity on Saturday?”

She’d draw something and her teachers would write her explanation of the drawing beside it. Usually the explanation is a one-liner, and perhaps slightly shorter if it’s in Chinese.

But one of the topics was “你喜欢什么样的饼干?” (What kind of biscuits do you like?)

Whoa, her answer was about one paragraph long, in Chinese no less. 😆😆

While she might get jealous of her little sister from time to time, she’s turning out to be an awesome, dependable big sister.

This morning, Allie was reaching for her water bottle on the dining table, and Clarissa asked her, “You want to drink water ah?” before opening the cap and handing the water bottle to her sister with a “Drink properly huh!”

It’s a small gesture but very heartwarming nonetheless.

Indeed the days are long but the years are short.

And it’s true, when they say, “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.”

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