My little cheerful monkey.

And this is just a short walk to the coffee shop to grab lunch, not a trip to the playground.

Last night, I decided to give her a quick shower before bedtime.

We’ve started showering her in the master bedroom toilet since last Friday? Previously we’d fill up the bathtub with warm water and bring it into her room to let her bathe in it.

The moment she heard me say “Allie, let’s go and take a shower!”, she got so excited she was walking and clapping and laughing all the way to the bathroom, on her own.

She couldn’t even wait for me to take off her clothes!

Walked straight into the shower area, babbling excitedly while looking up at the tap expectantly.

She might be small but her positive energy and the way she’s always bursting with some kind of mischief makes me happy.

Clarrisa on the other hand is bursting with new thoughts and ideas everyday.

Over our pre bedtime chitchat this evening, she asked about the concept of getting married and moving out.

“Mummy is it we are going to stay here, in this house, for a hundred years?” She asked. “Because you are married?”

I laughed.

“No, not for a hundred years,” I told her. “When you grow up and get married, you will move out to live with your husband.”

“Huh, but who am I going to get married to?” She asked again.

“Hmm I don’t know? I hope he’s a nice boy who loves you very very much,” I said to her.

“Daddy?” She looked up, her eyes sparkling.

I laughed again.

She paused to think, before asking again, “Is everyone going to be like us?”

“You mean getting married and moving out?” I clarified.

She nodded.

“Hmm yes I guess so? Most people get married and move out?” I said.

“Like San-yi?” She confirmed. She’d always been intrigued by the fact that her San-yi does not stay in the same house as the rest of her Yi-yis.

“Yes, San-yi got married and moved out. Next time when Si-yi and Gor-gor get married, Si-yi will also move out,” I explained.

She frowned and looked a little troubled.

“Why, you don’t want to move out?” I asked.

She smiled shyly and threw her arms over my neck.

“I want to stay with Mummy forever!” She said softly, before adding, “But I want to move to a bigger house.”


We also talked about whether Allie would also get married and move out or whether Allie will also stay in the same house with us.

And also who’s going to pay for the bigger house lol.

Talking to Clarissa always makes me smile. Her ideas and thought process are so mature and yet so child-like?

The hubs also recounted to me, how one night he’d leaned in to kiss her before turning off the lights, but an overtired her pushed him away.

“Why, you don’t like Daddy to kiss you?” He’d asked her, probably with a sad face.

Her answer?

“I love Daddy to kiss me, but I don’t want Daddy to kiss me now.”



I’ve said this many times but I’ll say it again. And again.

I love this girl.