Starting somewhere

A chicken essence a day keeps the.. clutter away. 😂

I’m declaring my new year resolution here, the same way I’ve announced it to the hubs, which is to drink a bottle of chicken essence a day, everyday, so I clear the stash of chicken essence that’s piling up on our dining table and on the kitchen shelf.

I’d received quite a few cartons of chicken essence during my confinement, which I did not manage to finish.

Let’s see.. confinement was for 28 days. But I received more than 28 bottles of chicken essence.

It’s one of those things that do not “spark joy”.. yet not something I can say “thank you” to and discard. 😂

Hence my resolution is to finish them.

If my calculations are right and if I follow through, I should be able to clear the chicken essence clutter that has been bothering me for the past 13 months (and my baby is now a toddler).. in about a month’s time wtf.

Hopefully I get to “unlock greatness” like the brand claims. 😂

I’m not so sure about the stash of Dom and Martell though, but these are hidden in the cupboards so I’ll probably make peace with it.

We had a fairly busy weekend, but not without a little bit of lazing around.

I love how the little one has different ways of enjoying her human cushion. 🤩

Baby gym is a go.

Saturday, took a trip down memory lane.

The days in LEP were honestly one of the best times in my life.

Our first class gathering in.. many years.

I do meet up with a smaller group regularly, but not with the extended / full class.

Which I suppose should have been my responsibility as the class chairperson, but the older I grow the more introverted I become.

Poor excuse, I know.

I’m just very grateful that the class couple organized it and more than half the class turned up.

One of the few teachers who have made a significant impact on the way I think and behave.

I should be writing this in Mandarin, oops.

I hope the girls get to meet good teachers like them.

And make good friends too.

Sunday, swimming lessons have resumed.

New year, new term, new timings, new kind of twinning (or tripling).

It’s Monday, a week since the start of 2019.

I should really start thinking about what I really want to get out of work and life in general.. but I’ve become a little afraid to plan.

My friend from work just shared our horoscope reading for the year and it goes something like:

Frequent mishaps, be cautious




Health: ⭐⭐

Out of 5 ⭐ each.

I don’t necessarily believe in these things but it’s all self-fulfilling prophecy so why can’t they give a good prediction for all horoscopes so everyone starts a new year happy and hopeful!?

And so.. I guess I’ll start with the chicken essence first.