Back to work

A good diary is a must.

I didn’t do much today – attended two meetings, cleared all my emails and erm, wrote my name on the diary. 🤣

Yesterday’s pick-up squad.

You know your helper’s back when your daughter starts wearing mismatched clothes again. 😂

I was starting to feel faint with an upset tummy when the helper wasn’t back, more than an hour after her flight touched down.

The hubs was at work and it was Allie’s nap time so I gave her some cash to take a cab back on her own.

She came back after all. 😆

My new audience waiting outside the bathroom.

I took a shower while she was having dinner, and when she was done she walked into the room on her own and stood outside the bathroom, before her Yaya could wipe her.

Spot the grain of porridge on her face lol.

14 months young today!

I asked her to give me a naughty face and she did this. 😆

Full of mischief.

Does this count as a developmental milestone?


Pretending to eat.

She puts all sorts of things into her mouth but when it comes to real food, she is not interested?

Would keep trying.

With Clarissa, we’d give her a small bowl of food to feed herself too and it worked to train her to self-feed.

Hopefully the helper continues doing this.

It’s more work – more stuff to wash and more areas to clean, so I can only hope she follows my instructions. 😫

Pretending to read.

I love her expression!

Looking so serious.. but the book’s upside down.

She loves this book!

I guess it’s because she can relate to it. 😂

I came home this evening and saw her sitting there like a boss.

Jiejie said she’s the super boss.

Even though she lets Allie disturb her, as always.

Love watching them play together.

Jiejie on the phone with Wai-po, conversing fully in Mandarin! 😊

This is obviously a rojak post because it’s the first day back at work and my mind is still all over the place.

The sequence is messy but the thoughts are real! 😂🤣