I’m sitting in a dimly lit room, all blinds down, writing this entry as I wait for Bubs#1 of 2 to fall asleep.

Bubs#2 of 2 is already asleep in the sarong. ✌

It’s new year’s eve today, and school is open for only half a day so I have both bubs with me since 12pm.

I spent the morning trying to get the steamer-blender to steam and failing to get it to work.

I ended up steaming the vegetables separately and cooking porridge for Allie’s lunch.

When my FIL arrived everything was still in a mess.

I served Allie’s lunch 30 minutes later than usual. She cried when she took a spoonful of pumpkin porridge that was too hot for her liking (I’d already blew on it and touched it with my lips, sigh), and my FIL told me not to hurry.


Thankfully she finished eating fairly quickly and left me with 15 minutes to clean up before going down to pick her Jiejie.

Ah-gong took her out for a walk first.

And here she is, smiling brightly when she caught sight of me waiting for the school bus to arrive. πŸ˜„

Jiejie came home with a moustache.

Her school bus came a little late because they were looking for her to board the bus lol. Her teachers somehow thought she wasn’t taking the school bus.

She told me she was eating chocolate ice-cream and “suddenly I have to take the school bus!”

“So I eat very fast lor!” She said happily.

She was a little disappointed to learn that Auntie O and Auntie L would not be here today, but I explained to her that Auntie O had a tummy ache.

“Is it Auntie O has watery poop like me?” She asked. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Ah-gong bought waffles, knowing she’s on half day school today.

He’d have usually left around this time but today he took Allie out for another walk so I could finish up some chores and shower Clarissa.

So thankful for the help.

And also thankful for the moments that made me smile today.

Such as seeing Allie wave to me happily when she recognised me from a distance.

Such as hearing Clarissa sing loudly in the shower “ε·¦δΈ‰εœˆε³δΈ‰εœˆθ„–ε­ζ‰­ζ‰­ε±θ‚‘ζ‰­ζ‰­” – while I ran into the kitchen to quickly cover up the puree.

(And now both bubs are sleeping so yay for surviving the morning of hiccups which also included pouring tap water into the hot water flask because I didn’t turn on the switch to boil the water but thought it’d already been boiled wtf. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚)

Usually on this day of the year I’d be recapping and collating photos for the year.. but I’ve no mood for it this year.

Please just let 2018 be over soon.

Instead let me recap.. the weekend. 😊


We brought Allie for a trial class on Saturday morning.

Blur at first.

In fact I was thinking of postponing the class because we had such a horrible night.

After ten green bottles.

She woke up every two hours, screaming and crying.

After a lot of walking and cajoling, she fell asleep on the single bed.. and I had to squeeze myself into a corner on my side, occupying just a third of the bed’s width wtf.

I checked the Wonder Weeks app and lo and behold, it was Day 1 of her 9th Leap.

(Then again, almost every day feels like a leap because she doesn’t really sleep well; just a matter of degree. πŸ˜…)

It took her only two minutes to warm up.

They were nice enough to let Clarissa watch from a corner and join in whenever there were free-play breaks.

Lesson proper.

The hubs hurt his back from this.

She did very well for a first-timer!

Didn’t enjoy the forward roll as much though. 🀣

Yes to the swing!

They let Jiejie join in too. 😊

Bubble fun!

Hahahaha I caught her opening her mouth and trying to eat a bubble.

This was the part of the class where they train the toddlers’ separation anxiety.

With Clarissa 3 years ago I recall bringing her over to the toys and backing away gradually.

But when Allie saw the teacher walking to the centre with a big bag of toys, she crawled so quickly and gleefully towards her.. leaving me behind in a faraway corner.

(And then when it was time to keep the toys away she held onto her toy cup tightly and refused to hand it over to the teacher. πŸ˜…)

They ended with some storytelling but she kept trying to crawl away. 🀣🀣

We’ve known for a while now, how different the two girls are.

And this gym experience simply exemplifies it.

Clarissa went for two trial classes, but we eventually decided not to sign up because she didn’t seem to enjoy herself and was too uncomfortable to really learn anything.

We told her how she used to cry during the class, and she looked incredulous. Like, how can it be? This gym is so fun!

“Maybe because there are too many things to play and I didn’t know which one to go to? So I cried?” She tried to explain.

“But you could have told us?” I countered.

“But I’m a baby, you remember? I cannot talk yet mah!” She said.


We’ve decided to go for another trial class so as to confirm if Allie really likes the class.

I think it’d be good for her to attend a class she enjoys before she starts school. Let’s see how it goes.

Haidilao with L and O after the workout.

It’s the hubs’ and my first time there and it’s quite impressive!

The girls napped pretty well and I had my friend over for dinner.


Playdate Sunday with Clarissa’s R Meimeis! 😍😍

Clarissa caught a glimpse of Chase the moment we stepped out of the lift.

We went straight for the ride after lunch!

Our entourage of Paw Patrol lolol.

Allie was allowed to ride it too!

Even though she was really more interested in walking around the mall.

She didn’t care if anyone of us was following her or not. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

We also checked out the playground!

Guess who had the most fun?

Baby I wish you can sleep as well as you play leh. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We had desserts after playground and this girl kept walking to the convenience store to check out the mineral water and sweets.

And then Sim and I took all four girls to the toilet for toilet break and diaper change.

Sim handled 3 girls, helping me with Clarissa while I changed Allie’s diaper. We both felt like we aged 10 years after the toilet break.

All in all a very tiring weekend, but a good one for the kids!