“It’s a little salty though..”

I’d thought the days as a (temporary) Stay-at-home mum would be long, tiring and monotonous and indeed the past three days turned out to be long and tiring, but each day turned out quite different from the previous day.

Day 1

I was feeling frazzled, mostly because the part time cleaner was here and I had to navigate around the dust and dirt in the kitchen and on the floor before she swept and mopped everything up.

I also got upset with this little one for slapping the spoonful of puree away, right smack onto Peppa Pig’s face.

She only started eating properly when I played nursery rhymes and after Ah Gong came and was sitting beside me, watching her eat. πŸ˜‚

Ah Gong took her downstairs for a walk.

The part-time cleaner finished cleaning.

She took her nap as planned.

I watched her pretend to stir something in a cup and then eating it.

We picked Jiejie up.

When I dished out her dinner of fish porridge, she peered into the bowl, pointed her finger at it before stuffing it into her mouth with a resounding Aarhmm!, and cheering happily.

That made my day.

She ate without any struggle.

Jiejie also finished her dinner in 10 minutes.

I folded the laundry while waiting for the hubs to be back.

The girls opened their Christmas presents while the hubs and I had dinner.

Hahaha Clarissa let out a very girly squeak when she saw this skirt from her Ah-ah.

I let out an aunty squeak when I saw the Minion arm floats from their San-yi. πŸ˜†

The girls, and us, are so blessed.

Day 2

I decided to cook this chicken ABC soup for the girls tonight.

Mostly because I thought Allie might be starting to reject her purees, and also because I thought it’d be good for Clarissa to eat some homecooked food.

(Side track:

The hubs made a few joking remarks whenever Allie rejected her food these days.

“The food not nice is it?” He’d ask Allie.

I got mad one day and told him to stop saying that.

For the record, the puree was prepared by the helper before she left?

Yes I’m a terrible cook but I try my best ok?


She woke up from her morning nap happy.

Lunch was porridge with egg, which she ate without much incident.

My FIL came and took Allie down to buy lunch for me, brought the lunch up before taking Allie down for a walk again while I ate.

It’s funny how the way I relate to him has changed over the years.

Maybe he’s changed too.

Maybe it is the power of the girls.

Maybe he’s grown old.

Maybe I’ve grown up.

I teared up while eating this packet of economical rice.

Thank you for taking care of me in your own way.

Thank you for being here.

It made me think of my dad.

Everyday my heart still wrenches a little when I think about him.

And then a certain little someone decided not to take her nap.

For two whole hours I tried.

Only to have her sit up like this, grinning at me.

So I had to resort to cooking with her watching me from the safety gate.

Folded laundry while Allie unfolded laundry.

Dinner was served!

Clarissa ate very well and asked for a second helping. 😊

Wiped clean in 10 minutes.

This one though.. did not resist the dinner but was too tired (no nap, remember?) to sit up and chew properly.

I’d already tried my best to mash up the food but she choked.. and eventually threw up almost everything with just a few mouthfuls of food left in the bowl.

I cleaned her up, gave her another shower, washed the dishes.

By the time the hubs came home (he wiped all the soup clean), I didn’t have much appetite to eat.

I asked him to make Allie sleep while I showered Clarissa. I was also in need of a long hot shower by then.

He quipped, “So soon you dislike Allie already?”


I said I don’t, but I need a break? I spent 2 hours trying to do the same thing in the afternoon?

Oh, and both nights she woke up in the middle of the night. Sometimes every 2 hours and sometimes every hour. 😱

There was one morning she was up again at nearly 6am. Usually I’d take it that she was up for the day and get up to make milk for her.

But that morning I was so tired I said okok I’ll make milk for you.. and went back to sleep. I heard her grumbling but when I woke up again at 7, she was asleep too, her body curled up into a little ball.

Day 3

The more time I spend at home, the more things I notice.

Clarissa’s pants, which she’d outgrown.

Our helper showed it to me.. and left the pants on Clarissa’s bed. For weeks.

It’s not that she does not know where the clothes the girls have outgrown are kept.

This is one of the reasons why I feel exhausted, mentally.

Like the used cotton bud in the waste paper basket, thrown in anyway despite not having a plastic bag to line it.

Like the laundry bags swept onto the mattress, when the hangers are just standing on the opposite wall.

Do I always have to ask for things to be done?

Or do I have to do everything myself?

I started packing the girls’ wardrobe.

This was the “After”.

I did not take a “Before” picture but just imagine it to be lumps and lumps of cloth and mess and the surface of the shelves cannot be seen.

My FIL the MVP dropped by with lunch.

He took the little one to the park for a walk before coming back to watch her read books and play with his phone.

She smiled so sweetly at Ah-gong when they came back! And again, after she gave him a flying kiss when he left.

I cut my finger yesterday when peeling the potatoes.

Thought the wound would have closed up by now so I didn’t put on another plaster.

Turned out.. not!

I was wondering why the bed sheet I was keeping away had blood stains on it. ☹

I’m not sure who else drinks milk like this.

I thought it would be another napless afternoon but she slept!

Caught a bit of Korean drama before picking Jiejie up.

Insisted on standing on her own in the lift.

Tried to touch the ants on the ground.

Happy to see Jiejie’s bus arriving.

Steamed fish for dinner tonight.

Minced pork with porridge for Allie.

Ordered another 2 dishes to top up dinner.

Fried garlic for the steamed fish.

Looked legit?

So I asked Clarissa, “Mummy cooked the fish. Is the fish nice?”

And being the sweetheart she is, she said, “The fish is very yummy!” She paused before adding, “It’s a little bit salty though.”

I started to say, oh dear it’s salty?

But she quickly added, “But when I eat it with rice it’s not salty!”


Sigh and Allie choked on minced meat.

Coughed out a mouthful of minced meat and porridge.

I did not dare to feed her any further.

How to train her to chew her food properly?

I ate dinner halfheartedly, not having much appetite again, and jumping up every now and then to stop Allie from climbing up the sofa / cupboard / table.

The hubs was back late from saying hello at a gathering so I gathered the girls for Allie’s bedtime.

It was tough.

At first Clarissa insisted on rocking the sarong. Then she started singing her own lullaby.

Allie got more and more excited.

I asked Clarissa to sit down beside me but she got bored and went in and out of the room.

By the time the hubs got back it was impossible to make Allie sleep.

He got so mad he shouted at her.

She understood and started tearing up.


We ended up chilling until 10pm before giving her milk and make her sleep again.

It’s been a long, salty day.


Edit at 0145:

And a long, salty night too.

She fell asleep at 11pm.

She kept stirring.

I thought she might be hungry, because she drank very little before she fell asleep.

So I got up to make some milk for her.

She woke up screaming and crying.

No amount of hugging, rocking, patting, walking seemed to calm her down.

I tried to give her milk but she only got angrier.

She eventually allowed me to sit on the bed.

I made her sit up too.

Out of the blue this tune came to my mind.

Ten green bottles standing on the wall

Ten green bottles standing on the wallΒ 

And if one green bottle should accidentally fall

There’ll be nine green bottles standing on the wall

Her eyes started fluttering.

I kept singing.

Eight green bottles.

She leaned back and rested her head on my lap.

Seven green bottles.

She whined and rolled off my lap onto the bed.

Five green bottles.

She turned to her side and slept.

I’ve lost count of the number of green bottles left.

Now where should I sleep?