Bundle of Joy

Annoying little sister is annoying. 🤣🤣

(Clarissa be like, maybe if I close my eyes the foot would go away?)

This series of photos never fail to crack me up.

Pretty much sums up their relationship. 😅

This not-so-little baby is now at a very fun and fun-loving stage.

Her personality is becoming more apparent.

Playful, free-spirited, with no regard for rules.

She smiles a lot and it makes me happy.

She’s so become quite sticky and would protest every morning when we leave the house.

And when I get home, she’d be literally following me around – either crawling rapidly behind me or holding onto my shirt and walking beside me.

I’m not complaining!

I used to think she does not have a preference for Mummy.

She’s not walking yet, but she’s definitely getting there!

Her motor skills are pretty good.

Very shortly after I taught her how to push and walk with the walker, she started doing it with one hand.

I guess she needs more practice.. and be a little more hard-working?

She’d usually take a few steps before deciding it’s probably faster to crawl.

She’s also able to remove her pants, good lord, on more than one occasion.

My helper sent this to me while I was at work. 🤣

They play pretty well together, especially with Lego duplo.

Clarissa builds stuff with the bricks, and Allie tears them apart.


She’s pretty stubborn and determined too.

Once she sets her eyes on something, she’d shout / cry / protest / climb all over you until she gets it.

Half the time, Jiejie gives in and half the time, Jiejie loses to her protests.

Of course there’s always the occasional snatching from both sides, and I’d try not to take sides.

I’ve recently recruited her as one of the pickup personnel.

Here she is, waiting for Jiejie’s school bus.

She actually recognises the bus and would either smile or point or shout in excitement when she sees the bus driving in.

And I’d let her practise walking while waiting.

Jiejie also loves having her sister at pickup.

This morning she requested that I take Meimei downstairs to pick her up together.

I said I’d try but if Meimei is naughty I wouldn’t bring her.

(And Meimei is always naughty. 😅😂)

She nodded but came back to me after a few minutes and said, “But if Meimei is just a little bit naughty, you can still bring her ok?”


I was putting down her sleeping bag in the room and when I walked back to take off Allie’s shoes, Jiejie has already helped her with them.

And placed them nicely on the floor, side by side.

Super, that’s what you are.

(She wrote the word all by herself!)

I had to take a picture before stepping in. 😅

That’s Allie deliberately squeezing in between her sister and the sofa, and protesting because there is no space.

Ownself squeeze, ownself cry. 🤦‍♀️

Pretty much sums up my evenings these days.

Aww, ok don’t fight, awww so sweet, ok don’t snatch, awwwww, Allie don’t put that in your mouth, aww, Allie come down from the table!

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😊😍

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