A wrap & A jab (12-month MMR)

And it’s a wrap!

Perfect round-up to our holiday: A complimentary upgrade to business class!

We were initially booked on premium economy and for some reason, SQ changed the aircraft for the flight which meant we could neither get the seats with bassinet nor seats in premium economy (because there weren’t premium economy seats on that air craft).

The customer service officer called me in the morning and offered 2 options: Downgrade to economy class seats with bassinet or Upgrade to business class without bassinet.

I chose the latter in a heartbeat. 🤣

So much easier to wait out at the lounge and get Allie fed and changed.

Allie was crawling and climbing everywhere while Clarissa enjoyed the food and even chatted up with a 10mo baby and her mum. 😆

Spacious seats!

Very much needed and very much welcome.

We didn’t get to eat or rest much because Allie wasn’t able to sleep properly, but the space definitely helped.

While Clarissa is a seasoned traveller – sleeping as the plane took off, eating and watching Incredibles 2 on her own, and sleeping again after her Daddy asked her to rest and waking up again to continue her TV shows..







Yes, even checking out what to buy from Krisshop. 😅😂

I think if we’d let her, she might have crawled / cruised 10 rounds around the air craft, non-stop.

I didn’t get to finish my glass of champagne..

But I did manage to finish one episode of Running Man, broken up into 2 parts: 1) While she slept on my lap after take-off and 2) When the hubs took over so I could eat my dinner.

I had everything served together – starters, bread, main course, drink – because they figured I’d want to finish as fast as possible. 😂

For some reason the aircraft actually felt quite warm and it might be the reason why Allie couldn’t sleep and kept crying out of frustration.

Anyhow we made it back to Singapore. 😅

My FIL and SIL picked us up from the airport!

He must have missed Allie a lot, because the first thing he did was to carry her. He laughed at her rosy (from dryness) cheeks but said she’d lost weight.

The hubs cheekily remarked to his dad that he’s never picked him up from the airport before but he’s always picking his granddaughters up nowadays.

My FIL said he was only there because it’s Saturday the next day and he wants to look at pretty air stewardesses. 😂🤣

Both reasons aren’t valid because he’s not working so it doesn’t matter if it’s Saturday the following day, and I think his eyes were all glued to Allie and Clarissa. 😆

We brought this girl out for her MMR jab today.

At 12mo, she weighs 9.25kg and is 70.5cm tall. Her weight is about the same as Clarissa at the same age but she’s nearly 5cm shorter.

It’s funny because we’ve always thought she’s the bigger of the two girls. 😅

Anyway all’s good and she did not even flinch or make a sound when the jab went in.

I was carrying her and couldn’t see what her PD was doing, and I was surprised when her PD said, “Ok, done!”

Clarissa on the other hand saw everything and looked slightly traumatised. 😅😂

I’ll write about Day 8 soon!

But I’m so tired I need another holiday to recover from this holiday. 😅😂

Flying out to Sydney for work in 60 hours wtf.