Day 2, Brighton Beach.

The first night was kinda rough, with Allie waking up crying a few times.

I was beginning to wonder if it was a bad idea having to wake up so early the next day after an overnight flight to do a photoshoot.

I’d wanted to do one for Allie’s first birthday.

I think it’s worth it.

The girls had fun.

The beach and the bright colours brought me some cheer.

Allie’s bed hair though.. 😆😆

The photographer thought her hair is cute lol.

It isn’t like this usually, but we literally got her out of bed and brought her here.

It was a glorious day.

At Churchill island heritage farm.

I love this shot by the hubs, whom I shoved the phone to and said, “Take photo for us leh.” 😂

Bumped into some Korean celebrity dishing out hearts. 😆

We were on a mission trying to get both girls to smile at the camera properly. 🤣🤣

My favourite photo for the day.

The hubs all smiles, Allie waving at me and Clarissa running towards me.

Ooh this was at Nobbies Antarctic Centre, which we did not enter lol.

Came for a cafe and bathroom pit stop, and of course the view outside.

Many tries later.. 😆

Little penguins spotted at Philip Island.

We tried watching little penguins returning to shore, but it was too dark and they were too small.

But we managed to get up close and personal with the penguins within the compound.

Clarissa remained excited and in love with the penguins even after we returned to the visitor centre.

It was really dark and late by the time we began our two-hour drive back to our air-bnb.

Allie, who was quite chill and funny in the car seat during the day, got increasingly anxious and started wailing louder and louder as we drove out.

It got to a point she was sobbing uncontrollably and we had to pull over in the middle of the highway.

Carried her out of the car seat and put her into the carrier where she sat with me for the rest of the ride home.

It was rather worrying.

Thank goodness the second night was slightly better than the first.

Day 3 preview.

Grocery shopping.

Look at that cheeky face!

To be continued..