My little girl friends


Breakfast before school / work / reservist.

The hubs booked out on Thursday night.

It was Children’s Day and United Nations Friendship Day so the kids got to wear traditional costume. This CNY cheongsam is a good buy, lots of mileage!

She walks super fast nowadays.

Making a mess out of Jiejie’s stuff as usual.

Can’t give the swaddle to anyone anymore. πŸ˜‚

Lord of the Rice Cracker!

It turned out to be a very trying Friday.

The weather was super hot and humid.

I had a lot of work to rush.

Allie was in a highly irritable and whiny mood the entire time after lunch and after her afternoon nap.

This morning.

Yakking on the phone again. πŸ˜†

Glad she woke up happy today!

I brought Clarissa out for a haircut!

Decided to take the train.

Ooh this cute little backpack is a Children’s Day gift from her teachers.

She packed her water bottle and toys inside, all on her own.

So proud of her MRT card lol.

She was quite hilarious.

Everytime an announcement for the next station was made, she’d look super incredulous and go, “Huh? What did they say? Aljunied? What’s that?” Or “Eunos? Who is Eunos?”

So suaku omg. πŸ˜‚

The ride was pretty long so she ended up singing softly to herself.

And then she decided to stand for the next leg of the journey.

Bought her snacks before we headed to the salon.

Pleased with her haircut.

I went off to wash my hair while she was still finishing up.

She said she’d be ok but I got worried when the hair wash went on and on.

Eventually one of the staff brought her in and sat her in a chair beside me while I got my hair washed.

She entertained herself with the remaining waffle and new found love of strawberry milk while I got my hair blown dry.


Hehe nice girls’ salon date.

Mid sentence, while saying “ζ‰¬ε·žη‚’ι₯­”. πŸ˜‚

Even though she finished the entire waffle and an entire packet of strawberry milk, she still had room for lunch.

Waiting for her request of “Chinese fried rice”.

Which she finished.

Not sure why they need a conveyor belt to deliver the food but I guess it’s pretty fun.

We went shopping for a bit because the girl said she wanted to.

“I want to go shopping, Mummy,” she said after lunch.

“What do you want to buy?” I asked.

“I don’t know?” She smiled sheepishly. “But I just want to shop.”


Oh my.

Sounds familiar.

We ended up just buying stickers and snacks before heading home.

The hubs came home later in the evening and we shared about our day.

Hers was obviously filled with lots of details.

“Daddy what did you do today? Where did you go? And who was with you?” She asked in rapid sequence.

Hahaha Daddy was on guard duty last night and spent the day in camp catching up on sleep + standing by.

He told her exactly that and she said, “How come you do so little things today, Daddy?”


I really love how she’s shaping up to be my little girl friend going for haircuts and shopping with me! 😍😍

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