101: How to be a bunny.

101: How to pose in a dress (and show your double chin).



On Meimei – Jiejie’s dress and random but matching hairband from somewhere (not sure who bought it 🤣).

On Jiejie – Her Chinese New Year dress last year. 👍💪

PS Cafe at One Fullerton!

Mojito for me.

Moscato for the man.

Very early birthday celebration for the hubs!

He’d be doing reservist on his birthday. 😅

Photo taken by Clarissa.

Little bunny had fun.

She kept turning around to look and smile at random diners.

Samseng in a dress.

Look at her leg. 😂😆

Jiejie got bored and hungry waiting for the food so we walked around the restaurant for a bit.

I love how this dress goes easily from midi to mini. 😊

When the food came we dived in.. which explains why the photos were taken so close up. 😂

Famfie while waiting for the cake. Best of three attempts.

Best of three attempts, too.

Allie was getting squirmy by the time the cake came.

Many happy returns!

Haha this is a new kind of famfie.

I was also trying to blow the candle lol.

Who wore it better?

She drank A LOT of water today because she was so excited about using her new “big girl” water bottle that didn’t come with a straw.

Sugar. High.

Showing me her mouth and teeth full of chocolate.

We took a walk outside after we were done with lunch.

Welcome to Singapore!

(And, I’m Supergirl!)


The sun was too glaring for any proper photo to be taken.

“Mummy, look at how the wind is blowing my hair!” Says this one.

“Mummy, I cannot see properly!”

All small eyes, except maybe mine? 😂

Attempt two of two. We gave up after this one. 🤣🤣

We headed back to the car after this.

Minutes after we drove out of the car park, I turned to look at Clarissa and she was fast asleep.

Allie was very quiet in the car seat too, but I couldn’t see her because her seat is rear-facing.

So I reached to the back with my phone and took a photo to check.

Fast asleep.

(With her eyelashes looking so long. 😚😊)

The hubs dropped me off for my massage and facial, and headed home with the two bunnies.

I kept dozing off during the massage and catching myself snore. 😂

But it was a much needed un-knotting session.

We need more Saturdates like this!