Not my day

Rare pre-drop-off photo because the hubs forgot the car key and had to go back up to get it. 😆

Wise words from the little boss, as usual.

“Why did Daddy forget the keys?” She asked.

And then she answered her own question.

“Daddy is Dory!” She declared.

“Haha yes Daddy is Dory,” I laughed. “So are you Nemo?”

“Nemo is a boy! I’m not Nemo. I’m just Clarissa. For people who don’t forget anything, they are just called their own names,” she objected to my suggestion.

Later when we got into the car, I said, “Oh you can be Destiny! Destiny is a girl right?”

“But Destiny is so big! I’m not so big. I’m just medium,” she overruled my suggestion again.


For the uninitiated, Dory is the fish who has short term memory. Nemo is the clown fish who got caught by a diver. Destiny is the whale shark in the aquarium where Dory used to live. 😂😂

We have the most interesting conversations.

The other day, the hubs was sharing his prawn noodle party plan and he said to Clarissa, who was listening from the back seat, “Next time you should either learn how to cook or find a boyfriend who knows how to cook.”

She protested, “Nooooo!”

We asked her why.

“I only want Daddy!” She said.


We shall check again when she turns 18.

The hubs dropped me off at City hall as usual so I could take the train to office.

But there was some track fault along the EW line.. and I was eventually late for my 9am meeting.

It was mostly a mind-boggling day and when it finally ended, it was raining and I tried to get a cab.

I managed to get one at a flat rate of $25!

Which was a feat because Grab was going at some $33.

But I ended up talking to someone over something that turned out to be inconsequential.. and I missed the cab.

Totally. Regretted. Wasting. My. Time. Talking. About. Something. That. Made. No. Difference. To. Anything. Whatsoever.

By the time I tried to book another Grab, the rate was an exorbitant $53!? And no cab was available either.

So here I am, on WordPress, as I take the train and meander through some 18 stops before I walk home from the MRT station.

I’m feeling weary about all the things that have been happening at work.

I know people change, but I can’t help but wonder, why, at what point, how.

I know there is no point, whether I find the answer or not.

Life has to go on and I have to find my way through it, and survive somehow.

Oh well.

Hopefully I would still get to catch the scooter baby before she sleeps and also spend time with scooter girl lol.

Well looking on the bright side, I would probably get home at around the same time with train+legs as the $53 Grab!?

Time for some retail therapy? 😄

And now..

Did it just stop raining? Or did it rain at all?