Another year

Love the skies here and today.

Manly Beach!

Erm, for debrief.

One moment it was all bright and Spring, but the next moment it was grey and Drizzling.

I turn 25 today.



For the nth time.

I usually take the day off but this year I have to travel for some consumer work in Sydney.

So here I am.

I tried to shop for a little present for myself at the airport before the flight, but couldn’t find anything that sparked happiness or impulsive behaviour.

I ended up buying only this because I was aching all over from trying to rock Allie to sleep all night. 😂

But we went on store checks today and I guess this counts as my birthday present to myself!

Drunk Elephant inside. ✌

I also bought these at Chemist Warehouse the night before.

Gaia here in Australia is less than half the price in Singapore.

Missing them!

I don’t feel much about my birthday today though I made sure I had some noodles for lunch lol.

We went out for lunch on Saturday!

Tried to take photos of the girls in their twinning outfits but it was tough.

The traffic to the restaurant was so bad we ended up reaching there really late and rushing through lunch in 30 minutes because we had an appointment to collect Allie’s passport at ICA at 1215pm.

The only photo I took of the food we had.

May my life be always oozing with happiness and prosperity. 😆😆

The girls were great in spite of the time pressure.

The only family portrait we could manage. 😅

Ooh and this! Taken by Clarissa.

It was quite a stressful morning hearing the hubs curse and swear through the traffic, rush to the restaurant, rush out and rush to ICA.

But it was still a lucky day because we made it!

There was a 15-minute allowance after the scheduled appointment time and I made it at 12:29pm! ✌

We collected the passport and was out in 10 minutes.

The hubs then suggested ice cream to Clarissa and I thought he meant ice cream in some proper ice cream cafe to make up for the crazy rush..

But he was only referring to the ice cream scooter opposite ICA. 😂

æ˜Ŋ我æƒģåĪŠåĪš. 😂😂

Even though I didn’t want ice cream because I was too full from lunch.

And then we had Saturday movie night and Sunday swim.

We got home from swimming lessons and took a nap.

When I woke up and went out of the room, I saw my sister#4 and her boyfriend, with the hubs and Allie out in the living room.

Oh wow, so the hubs arranged to have my family over for dinner. 😊

Clarissa literally jumped out of bed when she heard that her Si-yi and Gor-gor were here. Yay to zero grumpiness!

And then the next group of guests arrived and to my surprise, it was my oldest friend with her two girls and husband.

Wow wow.

The hubs arranged for a buffet spread.

One of his most important criteria for the spread was that it needs to come with yam paste.

Hee, my favourite and this one was good!

The girls had fun!

Clarissa finally found a friend who wanted to watch Finding Dory with her for the tenth time.

Haha it was hilarious that by the end of the evening my friend’s three year-old declared Clarissa to be her best friend and said she would send Clarissa to her place next time.

Allie was enjoying all the conversations. ðŸĪĢ

Yi-yis are the best!

So are family and friends.

And lots of animal friends surrounding the cake to look at it / celebrate with us, as arranged by Clarissa.

And someone cute who loves cakes to cut the cake with. 😆

It was an awesome evening!

Good job hubs! 😄

I’ve been loaded with lots of warmth and love that’s now making up for having to work overseas on my actual birthday.

I can’t wait to be home soon!