When I was in primary school, my dad used to do my art homework for me.

Home economics in secondary school meant trying my best during the class to make the the sewing machine move without tangling up the threads.. and bringing the bag / whatever I was supposed to be sewing home for my dad and mum to salvage.

My dad would work on the cross stitch and my mum would sew the bag. #teamwork 😅😂

Guess what?

It’s payback time now.

The situation this morning.


While she played.

And she ate.

(And Daddy went to work.)

Anything wrong, mummy?

Ok, nothing is wrong.

Testing out the fit.

I found this on the Internet. There was a downloadable template for the mask so all I needed to do was to paste the template onto the felt cloth, cut and assemble.

But still it took me the entire morning from 8 to 12 to finish it because I ended up having to sew too to ensure the pieces wouldn’t fall off in case of fabric glue malfunction. 😂


Messy at the back because I can’t sew straight lines / can’t sew for nuts.

There is another piece of homework due – a nature collage – but I’ve asked the hubs to do it instead.

My idea is simple:

Print a letter “C” (for Clarissa, not the grade huh 😅) and paste flower petals, leaves and sticks on it.

Sigh so much homework and work to do!

Ok, playtime before naptime!