National Day, national debate

Our girls in red and white on the eve of and actual National Day.

And this counts, too:


She was supposed to take her bath but she found it amusing to have her romper over the head and refused to let her Yaya take it off.

It’s been a rather busy National Day!

My friend who’s based in HK is in town for a visit, and so her daughter and our friend (Lol so complicated) dropped by to see Allie before we all met up for dinner.

So much love for babies and little kids.

Both Clarissa and Allie love this little Jiejie.

She was so sweet!

My friend took her shopping at Toy’rus and she picked very nice and appropriate toys for Clarissa and Allie.

Clarissa has been sleeping with the toys for two nights straight now.

My friend drove Clarissa and I to her place for dinner, and the two girls sat at the back of the car. Little Jiejie even helped Clarissa buckle up into the car seat.

And then the two girls basically had fun, because, stairs.

Omg they kept wanting to go back to my friend’s room which is on the third floor so I said no. Because I was still having cramps; though the idea of climbing up and down three flights of stairs is unappealing even without cramps. 😅😂

So they basically only played on the first flight of stairs while the adults chatted over dinner.

Discussing which Peppa Pig character they like best.

It was a legit conversation.

Clarissa also loved the Peppa Pig classroom set that Jiejie picked for herself, lol. She kept asking me if she could open it with Jiejie but I said no since it belongs to Jiejie.

Before we left, this thoughtful Jiejie even helped Clarissa pack her bag of toys!

National Day was spent chilling at home because Daddy had to work.

Met up with her favourite Auntie O and Auntie L for dinner.

We passed by the playground on our way to the mall and she asked to go on the slide.

We compromised and agreed to let her go down the slide once, because we didn’t want to get all sweaty and sticky before dinner.

So she climbed up the mini rock wall while Auntie O waited for her to slide down together.

Without warning, she giggled and slided down in supersonic speed.

We protested and said, “Hey! You are supposed to wait and take a photo together first.”

I let her go up the slide again and reminded her to wait.

She did the same thing again. 😂

Managed to snap a photo and it captured that gleeful moment.

Aye, we got tricked twice!

Yeah we let her go down the slide for the third time and it finally went as planned. 😆

Had a good dinner and birthday celebration for Auntie L!

The hubs picked us up and when we got home, Allie was already sleeping.

I was showering Clarissa when Allie stirred in her sleep so the hubs went to check on her.

She usually goes back to sleep quickly but this time she saw Daddy and her eyes and face lit up.

And hence.



We couldn’t make her go back to sleep so she got to join us in the room. She had her hand on her Daddy’s arm and kept patting his arm while smiling triumphantly. 🤣

Every look and every gesture spells LOVE for Daddy.

She always protests when he walks past her without picking her up.

And when he picks her up, she would look so smug and sweet, all at the same time.

Anyway we let her play for 15 minutes before getting her back into her room.

And then we all turned in for the night.

Sorry – no heart-thumping, patriotic post for National Day, but I love my country and I am thankful for everything we have today, whether it is the roof above our heads or our kids sleeping safe and sound at night.

Sure, we worked hard for this. But I think the country (and government) did too.

Recently there has been some debate on the ministers’ pay again. (Yawns)

Someone suggested funding elderly pension by either cutting defence or cutting 10% of the ministers’ pay and basically got lambasted by ESM Goh.

ESM Goh’s response was that in fact ministers are not paid enough, citing an example of one of the ministers of state, who took a huge paycut from $2,000,000 to a $500,000 annual salary.

$500,000 is still a lot of money for most Singaporeans, but the point is – a really capable and talented person can earn way more in the private sector.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys eh?

Unpopular opinion ahead, but this kind of debate feels very close-minded and.. petty.

Not saying that we should not help the elderly, but why should the money come from the ministers leh?

If the suggestion were to take 10 dollars from every working adult in Singapore every month, would you still think it’s a good idea? Because, only 10 bucks what.

Minister’s pay not hard-earned money ah?

My point is, if you think a minister’s pay is sky high, work for it. Be a minister and then declare you don’t need to earn a million dollars a year.

In the ideal world, yes, we would want ministers who became ministers because they love Singapore, yada yada.. they love Singapore so much they don’t mind a very small salary because they are born to serve.

But practically speaking, there are better career options out there that pay as well (or better) and without public scrutiny (plus, the entire world knowing how much you earn and always rallying for your pay to be cut to fund something else).

I took this from a friend’s Facebook. His post was about Ben Davis’ deferment getting rejected, but look at the comment.

Note that this was two weeks before the report on ESM Goh’s came out so ministers’ pay probably wasn’t a hot (re-heated) topic yet.

The sourness behind this comment trying to look intelligent by linking two unrelated things together.. just made me roll eyes over and over again.

Don’t you also get paid for doing NS, small as the amount might be? Why not do it for free because you should serve your country?

I’ve never felt the urge to write about such stuff – I usually have an opinion but choose not to voice it 😂 – but I just felt a little ruffled by the series of comments and debate on something that should have been done and dusted.

Please move on!

Ministers’ pay is not and cannot be the cause and solution to all our problems.

This National Day, I wish for peace and prosperity, and a little more pride and a little more awareness of how fortunate we already are.