The art of negotiation

Meet the Chief Negotiator of the House, and National Day cheerleader lol.

Parents are encouraged to dress the kids in red and white today and tomorrow for the 2-part National Day celebration in school today and tomorrow.

Hence featuring red-and-white outfit 1 of 3. 😊

But I digress.

Yes, regarding negotiations, this little boss gets better and better each day.

When she got home from school yesterday Allie was busy in her walker pulling stuff off and putting them in a mouth.

She smiled at Clarissa absentmindedly while Clarissa tried to announce that she’s home.

“Allie, this is Jiejie! I’m Jiejie leh, you don’t recognise me already?” She said to Allie while trying to make Allie look at her.

I got her into her room to get changed first.

“Why did you say Meimei doesn’t recognise you?” I asked her.

“Because she usually smiles at me many many times but today she only smiled once!” She explained.


I told her Meimei was probably just distracted.

So after she got changed, she went out, stood in front of her little sister, blocking everything else, and made all kinds of funny, smiley faces.

“Allie, Allie, look at me! I’m Jiejie! Smile! SMILE!”

Hahaha it worked, and Allie couldn’t stop chuckling at her funny big sister.


After dinner she was on her scooter, playfully holding onto the playpen while rolling to and fro on the board with her feet.

She lost her balance and fell onto her knees.

It wasn’t a very hard fall but I rushed forward to check if she was ok.

She probably felt more embarrassed and guilty than painful, because I’ve warned her time and again not to play on the scooter like this.

She got angry at me and the helper for asking, and refused to let me check on her.

Our helper tried to ask her to stand up and see if she was ok.

But she sat beside the playpen, sulking.

“No, I’m going to sit here until sleeping time!” She declared, her voice shaky from trying to hold back tears.

Our helper had to stifle her laugh and remarked softly, “Wow that’s a very long time, you know?”

Anyway she did not sit there for long.

Instead she went into her room and started weeping dramatically.

I went in to give her a hug, but still she continued crying until I said, “How about I let you eat one biscuit?”

She immediately stopped crying and said, “I want the cookie one.”

(I told her Daddy about it during chitchat time and we had a good chat to her about her behaviour. I think she understood it was wrong to be angry with us for a mistake she made.)


Before shower time she said to me, “Mummy, do you remember that day we took the Yakult out from the fridge, and then I drank the Yakult after I shower?”

“Hmm, yes?” I answered, wondering where she was trying to lead me to.

“How about, we do it again tonight? What do you think?” She continued.

Obviously I was thrown off by her “What do you think” so I said yes to her proposal. 😂

What do you think?

Hahahahaha omg.

I’m guessing she chose this roundabout way of asking me if she could drink Yakult because she wanted to minimize the chances of getting a rejection.

She’s still nursing a minor cough and we haven’t been letting her eat any sweet stuff or drink anything cold.

So it makes sense to first remind me that I’ve allowed her to drink Yakult before, and then seek my opinion on whether she can do it again.


I need to level up too. 😅😂