Recently, the little boss has been showing interest in.. earrings.

She’d touch my earrings and ask me, “Mummy, how are you wearing earrings? Is it painful?” Or “Mummy, why are you wearing earrings?”

I’d explain to her about piercing my ears and letting the earrings go through.

“But so painful!” She’d frown. “I don’t want holes. Can I wear earrings without the holes?”

So I got her to observe her teachers and friends in school who are wearing earrings, and to ask them if they think it’s painful.

Every now and then she’d come home and tell me about so-and-so, who is wearing earrings.

This evening, she was intrigued by the idea of wearing earrings. She touched my earring on one side and asked me, all over again, “Is it painful? Why you wear earrings?”

So I told her the story about how I got my ears pierced.

It was when her San-yi was five years old, Mummy was eight and Da-yi was 10 (“Huh so old?” Said the little boss, laughing.)

San-yi loved the idea of wearing earrings so much she’d put small stickers onto her ears to look like she was wearing real earrings.

So she asked Wai-po to take her for ear-piercing and Wai-po decided to bring all three of us – Da-yi, Mummy and San-yi – to a jewellery shop to get real earrings.

San-yi went first, even though she was the youngest. She was the most enthusiastic one, and once the earrings went through, she turned to us and said, “It’s not painful! Just a bit hot!”

So Mummy went next, after picking a pair of star earrings.

“What earring did San-yi choose?” She interrupted my story, and asked.

“Hmm also a star one, I think?” I answered before continuing.

(To be honest, I don’t remember which earrings we picked. 😂 But the part about my sis#3 saying it wasn’t painful was definitely true.)

Mummy also said, “Oh yes it’s not painful but it’s very very hot.”

And then it was Da-yi’s turn.. And she cried.


“Just kidding!” I said, because Clarissa was beginning to look worried.

I don’t remember if my Dajie cried, but I know she definitely found it painful.

“Why Da-yi say it’s painful huh?” She was concerned.

“Hmm maybe because she was very skinny and so her ears were very thin?” Lol the kind of shit I say. 😂😂

“Why does San-yi want to wear earrings huh?” She asked again, curiously.

“Hmm maybe she wanted to look pretty?” I said, not thinking too much about it.

“Huh but no earrings also can be pretty what!” She said, sounding a little puzzled and a little.. right.

My heart went “aww” but I said, “Maybe we just want to look prettier with earrings? But you are right! And San-yi is pretty even without the earrings right?”

“Yes, no earrings also never mind. Also can be beautiful!”



Anyway I told her she could take her time to decide if she wants to wear earrings.

She said, “I will wait for Allie. When she can talk and walk. Maybe she will say, ‘I want to wear earrings!’ And we can go together.”


I totally enjoy talking to this little auntie.

Earlier this evening, we’d retreated into her room for some play time with Allie before Allie’s bedtime.

As usual, she was sweating so we asked her to take a handkerchief from her drawer to wipe off her sweat.

She did so, while I turned and saw that Allie was also sweating.

“Aiyo Allie your hair is all wet,” I said aloud.

Before we knew it, Clarissa went out of her room, walked into Allie’s room, opened the drawers, took out a handkerchief, walked back to the room and handed the handkerchief to me.

To wipe Allie’s head.

She beamed with so much pride when we told her she was awesome, getting a handkerchief for Meimei without us asking her to.

I’d like to think we’ve done something right with this parenting thing, but the truth is, we are probably just lucky.

Pretending to be a witch, even though she’s far from being one


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