The cheeky duo

It’s been a rather tiring week.

Waking up at 5am, attending back to back to back to back to back meetings, rushing home before 6pm, spending time with the girls before Allie’s bedtime and Clarissa’s shower, story, milk and chitchat bedtime routine.. and opening the laptop again to work after Clarissa sleeps.

So I ended up working late, three out of five nights.

I’d completely crashed at 1030pm on Wednesday night, waking up only at 12am to hear the update on the epic Korea/Germany match and to move to sleep in Allie’s room.

And the other night, is, obviously, tonight. ๐Ÿ˜‚

I’m glad I got to work from home yesterday and today.

Managed to go for morning runs on both days, clear my mind and more importantly, clear my work.

I have lots of thoughts about work and career lately, but I’ll save them for another day.

The two girls have been mostly sweet and lovely. I usually forget half the things that have happened by the time I go to bed. ๐Ÿ˜‚

This week, I started a new routine of having the girls play in the room after dinner, instead of staying in the living room with the T.V. on.

So far it’s been great.

Allie has been getting stealing my heart every day.

Some days I think I cannot handle her cuteness anymore, but I always manage to dig and find more the very next moment. ๐Ÿคฃ

I found her sitting in the high chair, placed strategically at the entrance of the kitchen, watching her Yaya hang the laundry when I came back from my run.

I pretended to chide her for not wanting to stay in the playpen, but she looked up and gave me this cheeky smile which she has mastered in the past two weeks.

She’d deliberately squeeze her eyes and nose together into a cheeky grin, exactly like the one in this photo.

I’m so glad I got to capture this mischievous expression.

And her six teeth, in their full glory.

She’s been on a mission to decommission the changing station, biting and tearing her way through it.

This was the changing station this morning.

Guess what?

By noon, she was 2/3s of her way through it.

I asked her what she did, and she gave me this guilty look which made me want to say to her, “ok please continue to destroy the changing station”. ๐Ÿ˜‚

She’s been saying Babababa a lot, and her voice is 16 kinds of sweet and cute.

Clarissa, too, continues to steal my heart everyday, though sometimes she makes me want to stab myself with a blunt knife too. ๐Ÿ˜‚

This morning she was having the most ridiculous meltdown.

She’d left her surprise eggs lying on the sofa so we asked her to keep them away before going to school.

She did it in excruciatingly slow motion, and burst into tears when she was done.

It turned out that she’d wanted to leave some toys on the table “for Mama duck”, like she sometimes does.

So we said ok, please go ahead.

She started stacking the eggs neatly on the table, side by side, and when she was done we asked her to leave the house for school.

She broke down again, and in between sobs, she said to me, “The toys! Are! For! Mama duck! But! Mama duck! Is! Not! HERE!”



So we watched as she walked into the room to look for Mama duck, before placing Mama duck on the stool in front of the toys on the table.

She’s mostly her usual sweet and cheeky self, but with more funny antics and ingenious comebacks.


One morning, she was trying to stop Allie from reaching her toys, so she pushed Allie away.

She overestimated her strength so Allie ended up falling backwards onto the mattress completely.

Allie was surprised by Jiejie’s push but wasn’t hurt and didn’t cry.

Jiejie on the other hand seemed to have realised she might have used too much strength.

She looked sorry about it so I decided to simply tell her gently, not to push Meimei like this again.

She immediately teared up and said, “It’s not me, it’s my hand! My hand cannot talk and cannot listen so I cannot tell my hand not to push!”


Seriously. What did I just hear?


I chose not to engage and simply reminded her hand not to do it again.



It was one of those evenings where I was feeling so exhausted and frazzled trying to get Clarissa to keep her toys and get ready to shower, and wishing I had some help sometimes instead of doing this on my own most of the time.

So I was nagging at Clarissa to get ready to shower while I put away the toys she’d finally packed up.

When I got to the bathroom, she was waiting for me in front of the door, stark naked, having taken off all her clothes on her own.

I was caught by surprise and started laughing.

“Why did you take off everything!” I asked her.

She giggled cheekily, “I make you surprised, Mummy!”

“Hahaha ok, but why all naked! Now you have to brush your teeth naked!” I continued laughing.

“Because I want to make you laugh, Mummy!” She looked up at me and smiled.

(Aww why do I feel like my eyes are tearing up now? ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข)


One night, when I asked her to pack her toys, she said to me:

“But this is also your house what. So you can also help to keep the toys what.”


But the toys are yours?

And I’m your mother?



One morning, she was standing beside the playpen with Meimei standing inside.

Meimei reached over and pulled hard at Clarissa’s ponytail.

After we saved Clarissa’s hair from Allie’s clutches, Clarissa turned to Allie and said:

“Allie, why you pull Jiejie’s hair huh? You think I’m the bus ah?”


Yep, Meimei might have thought she was grabbing onto one of those bus railings/straphangers.


Over dinner, after trying to show Meimei how to chew, she declared:

“Allie only likes everybody a liiittle bit. She likes me a lot a lot a lot.. she likes Jiejie the most!”



She was playing with these light sticks and exclaiming, “This is so RAINBOWFUL!”



Before bedtime tonight I left her in bed for all of two minutes to put her bottle in the kitchen and empty the potty.

When I returned she was talking to Mama duck about her day, the usual way she’d talk to us.

“I’m happy because Mummy picked me up today but I’m upset because Daddy is home late,” she said to Mama duck animatedly.

“Hey why did you start chitchatting without me?” I asked her, amused.

“Because I don’t know you are not here mah!” She said.

I was puzzled, “But you can see I’m not here right?”

“Ok Mummy, next time when you go out of the room, can you tell me, ‘Clarissa, I’m going to put the milk bottle in the kitchen?’ Ok? Then I will know.”



We talked about our plans for the weekend.

She’s been having a little of a runny nose so I asked her if she thought she’d be ok to go for a swim at Waipo’s place.

“Hmm ok? I think so?” She said.

“You sure? Ok!” I agreed.

“Mummy, later when I sleep, you go and think about it with Daddy ok?

If Daddy says yes and Mummy says yes, then let’s go.

If Daddy says no and Mummy says no, then let’s not go.





Sweetheart, why do you talk like you are 3, 13 and 30, all at the same time?