Milestones (+Toilet training)

Hi Mummy! I’m going to buy some ice-cream.

What? No more chocolate ice-cream?

What about vanilla?

The ice-cream seller says yes!



Meimei looks like she’s plotting a toy/room take-over soon. 😄😄

In other news tonight, the little one held the bottle on her own and finished all the milk!

In older news, it’s been a month since Clarissa went off diapers completely!

She’s already stopped wearing diapers during the day since the end of last year, but we continued letting her wear diapers to sleep.

From time to time I’d ask her to let us know when she’s ready to go to bed without wearing diapers, or I’d check with her if she’s ready.

She’d always said no, so we left it as that. Anyway I didn’t want to deal with wet bedsheets every two days or something.

But one day, a month ago, she suddenly said to me, “Mummy, I don’t need to wear the diapers to sleep tonight.”

I did a double take and even tried to ask her if she wanted to start doing that on another evening, because we were still dealing with her swollen hand then.

But she said no, she wanted to start that very night.

*Gulps* 😅😅

So we went ahead and never looked back since.

We still have half a pack of pull-up pants and I was about to order more that week. Now we get to keep that pack for Allie! Lol.

So ✌! 3.5 years old and off diapers!

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