Hello Sydney

It’s been a while.

We were here nearly 2.5 years ago.

It was my first business trip since returning from maternity leave, and our first family vacation where the hubs brought the bubs all the way from Singapore to meet me at the tail end of my work.

I’m still loving this city very much!

Even though the schedule this week is quite gruelling with days starting at 9am and ending at 9pm.

The weather is cool and nice during the day and gets chilly only at night.

I took the SQ premium economy class flight for the first time.

I was booked on economy class as per the company’s policy and the tickets cost around S$1,600. Premium economy class tickets would cost around $3,500.

I received an email from SQ about a week ago inviting me to bid for an upgrade to Premium Economy. I could choose any amount I wanted and if I were successful, SQ would inform me 2 days before the flight.

Knowing the price of the tickets, I decided to try my luck.. with a $200 bid.

.. and I got it!?

There is more leg room.

More butt room.

With a ticket to join the express track upon arrival (which I did not use).

I got to “Book the Cook” prior to the flight and chose a meal that was otherwise not included in the in-flight menu.

It was good!

The standard of meals has dropped quite significantly so this nasi biryani was a pleasant surprise.

All in all a pretty good experience that’s worth the extra $200.

I won’t pay $3,500 though, because business class tickets cost around $4,200?

The premium economy class ticket is much, much cheaper when you book your flight wayyyyy in advance though!

Missing my three muskeeters.

My marshmallow looks so cute here I can’t help but keep flicking back to stare at the photo! #oldwongsellsmelon

In the name of market research, I tried out this weird foaming mask that sizzled and sizzled (with oxygen!?) for the entire 15 minutes I had it on my face. 😂

I had to wash my face after using the mask, as per the instructions.

Not sure how it works but let’s hope I wake up to clear and radiant skin in the morning. 🤣

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