Guangzhou, Day 2 going 3

It’s nearly 1am and here I am, unwinding before I go to sleep.

Last night, I fell asleep while reading messages and couldn’t will myself to stay awake enough to respond.

And then I woke up at 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am. Each time I would think it was morning already, but went back to sleep easily when I realised it was not.

I had a dream within a dream within a dream. 😂

I dreamt that I was sleeping and then I woke up and found that the furniture around my bed had been shifted around. In my dream I would go back to sleep again but wake up to an even messier room each time.

It became a little creepy in the end because I was wondering, what the heck this room is haunted. 😂

Haha I guess it’s a pattern now that I can’t sleep well on my first night away from the baby.

I got up at 630am eventually and headed to the gym.


Managed to catch Clarissa and the hubs for a quick video call while running.

Allie was still sleeping because she woke up at 1am and 3am, and our helper gave her milk at 3am.

The hubs said, “Poor helper”.. And I asked him why he’s never said “poor you” whenever I tell him about Allie’s middle of the night parties (which is quite frequent until the last two nights before I left on business trip).

His response?

“Lol oops.”


Anyway I hope it won’t become a new habit because we’ve stopped feeding her in the middle of the night.. since at least 3 months ago?

Missing the three musketeers!

They really look alike. 😆😆

Work has been good so far. On an adrenaline and deadline rush hence the late night.

Time to sleep now!