I sent this photo to my sisters and asked them to guess where I was flying to.

The most frequently heard phrase I heard today before, during and after the flight was:



I’ve always been intrigued by China’s history and amazed at how advanced the technology is, the way everything and everyone goes cashless and all.

My grandparents came from China.

It’s wrong to stereotype.. But I’m only human.

Most of them were carrying four to five bags of shopping loot, a branded bag matched with pyjamas lounge wear, the latest iPhone.. But cannot listen to simple instructions communicated in Chinese.

Money cannot buy class.

And then the most absurd thing happened to me on the flight.

During meal service, the Chinese lady beside me and I had this tray with a bun and a cup of apple juice shoved into my face by one of the stewards.

I wanted to tell him I didn’t want an apple juice but he walked away too quickly.

I thought they’d run out of the meals for our section, because I was seated in the last few rows of the first section of the plane.

So I waited, because the flight attendants all looked busy and had to attend to multiple requests asking for hot water to be filled into flasks.

The ladies diagonally in front of me, the lady beside me and her partner behind her all did not get their meals served.

So I waited.

Until the second round of service. The air steward was already clearing trays and serving hot drinks nonchalantly and I thought something was amiss.

Did people ask for two servings?

At least inform us if they ran out of food?

So when the steward came and served me tea, I asked him if they were serving my meal.

He looked confused, and then flabbergasted, and then mortified.

“I thought you are traveling with the group and they all didn’t want the meals because they contained meat,” he explained and apologised immediately.

My turn to be flabbergasted.

“Erm, but no one asked me at all?” I said to him.

He apologised again and immediately got my meal served.

Apology biscuits wtf

After I was done with the salty noodles (hungry, no choice), he came around to offer me more tea and biscuits.

“Sorry to keep you waiting for your meal,” he apologised again.

I ate one of the biscuits lol because I didn’t want to appear ungracious.

But the more I thought about it, the more I felt.. wtf?

It’s not just about the time I spent waiting, but the fact you guys assumed I was part of a Chinese tour group without checking with me.

How difficult is it to ask me if I wanted the meal or not?

Even people traveling in the same group would have different meal preferences?

Even if they assumed I didn’t want to eat, at least ask me what I wanted to drink? Not everyone likes apple juice, please.

I don’t think this isn’t too much to ask from an airline that prides itself on service.

I’m not invisible.

What a lousy feeling.

In other happier news, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all the oldies the likes of 许茹云 and 那英 while working in the flight!

Couldn’t do as much as I’d planned to because I spent too much time waiting to eat zzz.


At least (luckily) the room is nice.

Though I was reminded of the great firewall of China. 😂

No WhatsApp or Facebook for the rest of the week while on Wi-Fi!