6 months!

May the force be with you!

Day 3 of work and I got home at 715pm.. after getting stuck in a ridiculous traffic jam for 1.5 hours.

Times like this make me feel thankful that I’m only rushing to get home and not to pick Clarissa up.

The girls had already finished their dinner by the time I got home, and our helper said they both behaved themselves.

The drama only started after I was home. 😂

One thing happened after another and I had to settle a wailing Clarissa who tripped on her own toes and fell down while running towards me.

And so, I didn’t have time to take proper photos of Allie. I shall attempt to take a better one tomorrow. 💪💪

5 months vs. 6 months

Not much difference except for the lighting. 😂

One in natural daylight and one in a artificial evening light. 😭

Jiejie insisted I took a photo for her first.

Also featuring Meimei’s drumstick.

This was taken before the crying (Clarissa) and coughing (me) symphony started.

I’m so tired of being sick and coughing all the damn time. It’s been a week and I’m still not well yet.

My immune system has really become shit with all the post partum nonsense.


On to happier things!

Developmental milestones!

1) She can crawl / wriggle! Love how she sticks her butt sooooo high up whenever she tries to move. She moves all over the play pen with ease now.

Lol though crawling can be quite tiring.

2) She can sit up with assistance and stay seated for a longer duration.

She loves sitting in her cot facing out like this:

First attempt and already so smug!
This one, can eat?
Let’s try!
Yep, why not?
Hello, Jiejie!

She has been interacting with her Jiejie even more now.

The other day, she even tried to stand up like her sis!?

I managed to catch her second attempt on video.

Jiejie hilariously placed the laundry basket in front of her to catch her in case she fell. 😂

Need meh? Jiejie you so funny!

3) Wants to hold the milk bottle on her own.. but does not drink when she does. 😐

We’ve resorted to letting her hold the bottle only after she finished the milk. 😂

Same with the spoon.

4) She can now reach up to pull the toys hanging above her in the play gym.

Still putting them into her mouth though. 😂😆

5) Does stunts like putting her foot through the ring.

And make funny faces while at it.

She babbles even more now, protests when we leave her in the playpen, and loves blowing bubbles with her saliva, water, and food.

Blowing saliva bubbles instead of sleeping, two nights ago

She also loves standing up in the playpen!

Ready for more adventures ahead!

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