A shark’s tale

My plan tonight was to let Clarissa watch a documentary about oceans on Nat Geo after her shower, while I took a shower.

She loves watching documentaries about the underwater world.

“Maybe you’d see sharks in the ocean!” I tried to entice her further.

To my surprise she didn’t seem very keen.

“Huh I don’t want to see sharks. I’m scared the shark would EAT me!” She said to me.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you!” I tried to assure her. “I’ll let the shark eat me instead!”

She frowned, and considered what I’d just said.

“Huh.. But after the shark eats you, what would the shark eat next?”



Oh wow.

I did not consider that.

But I recovered very quickly.

“The shark will not eat anything else because it’d be too full!” I told her.

She frowned again.

“But if the shark eats Mummy, there would be no one to eat with me, no one to tell stories and no one to hold my hand,” she said sadly as she pushed up each of her little fingers one by one to count the number of things I wouldn’t be able to do with her.

“Ok, eat Daddy!” She said cheekily, but regretted immediately.

“No no no, eat Yaya!” She concluded gleefully.