Joy of..


So this is basically a play area filled with various pretend-play set-ups for younger kids and games for older kids.

We didn’t go into the toddler play area but the toys looked similar, just smaller in proportion (and quantity).

In the main play area, there are various setups like doll houses, roads and tracks, fire station, kitchens and grocery stores.

At first, the little boss kept asking me to play with her, and whenever another kid joined her she’d say to me softly, “I want to play on my own.” πŸ˜‚

Lol sounds like someone I know, but I didn’t know you are an introvert.

But soon she was ok to play on her own while I either joined in occasionally to eat what she cooked or sat on one of the couches to watch her play (and give ‘live’ updates to the hubs in HK).

“Erm Mummy, can I go and play already?”

Hahahaha oops oookay.

Busy putting out a fire.

I love this candid shot of her. 😍

Made brunch for me.

Manning her mama-shop and very happy with her earnings.

Busy talking business.


She spent the most time in the kitchen, though her favorite toy turned out to be this little baby and a mini stroller.

She was cooking for the baby, feeding it and celebrating its birthday too. πŸ˜†

Yep she was even feeding it orange juice.

Right after this photo was taken, a girl about her age, perhaps slightly older, came and simply took the orange juice away!?

Clarissa looked at me in shock (well I was caught by surprise too, because it was so random) but she recovered quickly and said to the girl, “Hey that’s mine. I was holding it.”

But her voice was soft and the girl simply walked away.

To add to her shock, the girl went on to put the toy straw into her mouth like she was really drinking the orange juice. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

Clarissa looked at me again, her expression a mix of “eeeeww did she just put a toy in her mouth?” and “Help Mummy, I want the toy back”.

I looked at her and said, “Oh dear!” but did not attempt to help her.

She started following the girl to try to get her toy back!

But because the girl had already put the orange juice in her mouth, I decided to step in and asked Clarissa to find another OJ instead. πŸ˜‚

This is already quite an improvement from her younger self.. who’d frown/cry and then look to me for help.

And this baby and stroller turned out to be really popular because two kids took them away.

First, a little boy who’s about a year old. He took it when Clarissa left it on the floor unattended.

He was walking around with it when a girl who’s about two years old came along and forcefully snatched it away from him.

The poor little dude cried and cried but the little girl just wouldn’t give it back to him. Her daddy tried to step in to help, but she wouldn’t budge.

Oops, tough luck.

The little boss looked to me for help but I told her it was because she left the toys unattended, and they are for everyone to play with.

So she decided to hover around the two little children, watching the drama and frowning to herself. πŸ˜…

She asked me to go with her to get the toys back but I asked her to get it on her own, and assured her that I’ll be watching her from where I stood.

The little girl’s Daddy had been trying for sometime now to get her to put the toys down and leave the play area, so I asked Clarissa to walk up to them to ask for it, or wait.

So she waited for the little girl to put the toys down and took it once she left.

And ran all the way back to me very quickly and happily, like she’d struck lottery. πŸ˜‚

I feel quite proud that she’s able to think on her feet and brave enough to get what she wants on her own. 😊

After the little episode she asked me to take care of her baby and the stroller while she went off to play. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

We spent around two hours there before leaving for lunch.

Had to take pictures and say byebye to her favorite toy. πŸ˜…

She asked to come again next time, so I guess she’d enjoyed herself!

Ate and finished her lunch, all on her own!

And took a walk along the river bank.

All in all, a good outing!

It was good that I got to observe how she plays and what she enjoys playing with. 😊

Mini dramas

As usual she was super chatty during the cab rides.

She sat behind the driver’s seat with her seat belt on and asked the cab driver, “Uncle where are you? I cannot see you.”


And the drama queen kept asking me to take turns acting out this scene from Frozen.

There was also the original version where Princess Elsa (me) asked Princess Anna (her) to go away, but I didn’t manage to catch it on video.

This one’s her version, because she wanted to be the one rejecting me lolol.

I asked her again why she didn’t want to be Princess Elsa, and besides not wanting special powers, she also said:

“Because Princess Elsa hurt her sister accidentally. I don’t want to hurt anyone!”

“And also because everyone gasped at Princess Elsa when everything turned into ice!”

So I had to be the evil Elsa instead. πŸ˜‚

Her love for drama also extends to her little sister, who, in this photo, has just been caught red-handed stuffing Giraffe friend’s head into her mouth.

She’s been moving around playpen with ease and putting every toy and everything she can land her hands on into her mouth.

So I was lamenting to Jiejie about it.

Me: Aiyo, Meimei is eating all her toys in the playpen!

Clarissa: Yah. All her toys would say, “Oh no! Allie is coming! We have to run! Run now!”



Hahahaha I don’t think she’s bothered by her toys running away.

Haircuts and rides

Took her out for a haircut on Saturday because her fringe was getting too long.

She was on super friendly (and crazy) mode.

I gave her the card/ticket to hold on her own, and she immediately announced to everyone in the queue, “Hello everyone! This is my card!” πŸ˜‚

I sat in the queue while she went ahead to play in the car.

There were 4 men ahead of us, no kids, so I thought it was ok.

Erm she had fun singing out loud (see her crazy eyes omg πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ).

But it turned out that the man in front of us was queuing for his son, who looked slightly older than Clarissa, and he wanted him to cut his hair in the car.

Two of the hairdressers were available and I didn’t want to wait just to use the car so I persuaded Clarissa to take the normal chair instead.

She was disappointed but listened to my explanation – Uncle came first, we’ve waited for so long already let’s not wait anymore, etc.

She was a cham at getting her hair cut.

The boy proceeded to cry the entire place down so I told her it was good that she let him have the car. The boy needed it more because he didn’t like getting his hair cut. πŸ˜…

So when we were done I let her pick a car around the mall to play in, and even slotted in a dollar for her to take a ride.

The ride had just started when a little boy came along and waited beside her.

She said to the little boy, in a very encouraging tone, “Come up! You can sit at the back! Come!”

So he hopped on and she drove lol.

Aww so proud of her! 😊

I wasn’t expecting her to offer.

(Hahaha and yes I got the hairdresser to cut her fringe super short so we don’t have to come so frequently. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚)

25 cents

So the little boss found 25 cents in the cab while alighting.

I didn’t see the 2 coins on the seat when we got in the cab so I thought maybe I’d dropped them somehow. But it happened so quickly I didn’t have time to react and we were already out of the cab.


She was very happy with her find.

“Now I have some money, Daddy has a lot of money, and Mummy has no money,” she said to me.

Hahaha still under the impression that I have $0 to my name because I’ve not returned to work.

Before heading out for her haircut the next day, she told me she wanted to use the money to buy something lol.

I thought it was a good chance to introduce the concept of money so I agreed.

She even picked an egg to keep the 2 coins in, and brought it along like she was holding a fancy clutch bag.

(Yep, the red egg she was holding on to in the salon photo. πŸ˜†)

I told her I’ll let her decide when and where to spend the coins, and she decided to use it on the ride.

She slotted the coins in and found that it didn’t work.

I explained to her how 20 cents or 5 cents wasn’t enough because the ride required a dollar, and showed her what a dollar looked like.

(Which was why she got a ride lol.)

After the ride she told me she’d like to buy a surprise egg with the money.

Off we went to good old Toys’R’Us.

She roamed around the place going “this one I have”, “this I don’t have” (mostly the latter), but didn’t ask me to buy anything.

She was most excited about some Frozen Lego set which was massive and cost some $139? So I said, ask Daddy. Lol.

Finally she went shopping for surprise eggs and took a while to consider and choose.

There were so many types but I told her her coins weren’t enough for even one so she could only choose one.

She finally decided on a Pony egg and I brought her to the counter to pay. She happily handed over her 25 cents but looked a bit shocked when the cashier took it for real. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I explained to her that I had to give the cashier jiejie more money because her 25 cents are not enough to pay for the egg.

“Now I got no more coins,” She said to me as we left.

“Yes, because you used it to pay for the egg, together with more coins from Mummy. Now you have an egg!” I reminded her and she was happy again lol.

I hope I’m not teaching her to spend beyond her means, since Mummy would top up wtf. πŸ˜…πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ

I think she’s getting the concept, so slowly but surely we will get there. πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

Time with Auntie O

“How come so long I never see Auntie O?” She asked me after school one day.

“Huh you just saw her? Before you went to Taiwan?” I reminded her.

“Huh that was so long ago. I want to show Auntie O my new toys you know,” She said.

So I told Auntie O and she made an impromptu trip down on Saturday.

She was taking her nap when Auntie O arrived but when I woke her up she smiled and rolled off the bed immediately. No grumpy grumps.

She had fun as usual and I’m thankful for the 2-hour break to do stuff like mend my new duvet cover which somehow had two holes after just one use, prepare Meimei’s puree, order dinner and just zone out a little.

Thank you Auntie O! 😊😊

At bedtime she said, “I’m happy because Auntie O came to my house today but I’m upset because Auntie O didn’t eat dinner with me.”

Lol her “because” and “but”.

I’d already pre-empted her about Auntie O not staying for dinner. Since it was pretty impromptu, she already had plans.

I think it helped but she was still a little bummed.

Next time, ok?

It felt like a very long weekend and I guess in a way it was a long weekend solo-parenting from Thursday to Sunday and with Clarissa not attending school on Friday.

I’m still catching up on my backlog of thoughts, to-do lists and things I want to write about.

So glad that my tag-team partner aka the hubs is back!

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