Not cool

Stye in the Eye

And so the little boss missed school today because she woke up and cried very pitifully when she realised her left eye was still very swollen.

Last evening was tough because she was so easily triggered and cried at every little thing.

Or she’d be ok but start tearing up whenever she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror, or when it itched and yet she couldn’t scratch.

“Would this go away?”

She asked me very sadly.

Of course I told her, yes it would go away in a few days’ time.

But every now and then she’d feel sad again and ask me:

“Why is this eye still swollen?”

She told me her friends in school laughed at her swollen eye. 😭

I doubt they really laughed at her, but they probably questioned why her eye looked different, and made her even more uncomfortable with that odd swollen eye that’s now half the size of her right eye.

She is much better today, emotionally. Her eye is still as swollen, and she’d still tear up from time to time.

But overall I guess she is happy because she gets to be at home.

I tried to tell her about how the heart and the inner strength of a person is more important than how she looks.. But aye she is 3 years old.

I can only remind her she’s always our sweetheart and that she’d been very brave to go to school with the swollen eye.

And so it’s been a very long day since 3am because Meimei is still sleep-regressing. 😅

My cold’s getting better, fortunately, even though I still felt like shit in the morning.

In the name of charity!?

A few months ago there was a cold call at my door seeking donations to MINDS, an organization for children with learning disabilities.

I donated $10, and was a little surprised (and mildly irritated) when the lady asked for more details required of a $10 donation. She asked for my home phone number, which I eventually gave after questioning the need for my number because I didn’t want to give her a hard time.

I didn’t think too much about it, but I received a call from the same lady tonight informing me that she’d be coming by around 8pm to pass me a gift for making the donation.

I declined, because 8pm is our peak period at home. Helper would be busy with Allie and I would be busy showering Clarissa.

But she said she’d be at my block anyway to pass the gifts to all the donors, and I thought it’d be a drop and go thing.

So I said okok, and hung up.

At 810pm she wasn’t here (And I’d in fact forgotten about the call – she called at dinner time, duh. I was busy with Clarissa.) and I went ahead to shower Clarissa.

She was already standing in the shower, water running and all, when my helper came in and told me, So-and-so is waiting for you outside.

I was shocked!?

But I quickly turned off the tap, asked Clarissa to wait, stepped out, saw the lady, already seated on our couch waiting, and told her, “Oh I’m showering my daughter.”

Went back to Clarissa and continued the shower.

And then the hubs called because he saw the CCTV and asked me who the lady sitting on our couch was. While Clarissa kept asking me who called, who huh who?

I told the hubs I was very busy and said I’d call him later.

Oh man.

Anyway after I was done showering the little boss, I went back to the lady who then proceeded to verify my ID number (wtf), got me to choose the gift and explained to me where my donations went.

In my mind I was like whoa, ok a lot of effort for charity.

I was also thinking, erm can you hurry up because I need to bathe too?!

It was past 830pm, and I still had bedtime stories to tell.

But she went on to finish her explanation, while Clarissa very hilariously thought that the big Jiejie here was going to play bricks with her after we were done talking. 😂

And then she whipped out another clip board with a graph.. And started talking about a savings plan.

Save $6.50 a day and get $1200 back every year, or $72,000 in a lump sum.. after 25 years (I asked her from the start, how many years, and she said it was a good question; she’d tell me later wtf.)

There was also a $9.50 option which she said was the most common one people took and a $13 option for “more suitable for high income earners”.

For housewives, she said, the $6.50 option is the most popular because it’s just a small part of the allowance they are given.

I think she was trying to get me to at least go for the $6.50 option.

No, I didn’t feel offended by the housewife reference.

There is nothing wrong at all to be a housewife or to be seen or thought to be one. (She also knew I’m not a housewife because I said I was on maternity leave.)

It just irked me that:

1) Insurance companies are now using charity donations as a cover to make cold calls and get new contacts to sell their policies

2) They are willing to sell any plan, anything, even if it were just a small amount.. regardless of whether it suits your lifestyle or financial goals or not.

3) They clearly have no respect for people’s time. This is NOT a quick chat or a quick “hi here’s your gift”.

Anyway I politely let her finish sharing the projections and whatnots, and she even went on to tell me I’d require a health check up when I take up this plan.

So I cut her off at this point and told her I have at least 5-6 of such savings plans for everyone in my family.

Which is the truth.

She went on to ask some questions which I hastily answered, before offering her a packet drink.

It was my (very polite) cue for, “you may leave now”.

I actually thought she’d take the drink and leave?! Lol. But she stayed on to finish it wtf.


I’ve just wasted 30 minutes of my life.

Hastily bathed and resumed my bedtime routine with Clarissa, 30 minutes later than usual.

I should be resting but I’m so irked by this I feel compelled to write.

(Anyway can’t sleep until after the 12am feed.)

Hate it when insurance companies take advantage of “charity” and catch people unaware like this.

It’s so bad.

(It’s Great Eastern by the way.)

Ok end of rant.

“I’m watching soccer like Daddy!”

One of her more cheeky moments today.

I double checked with her, “Does Daddy really do that?”

She said, “Yah, Daddy always watch soccer like this!”

(Proceeded to lie back onto the couch watching pretend soccer from her pretend phone. 😅😂)

Yep, exactly like how Daddy does it.